An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 19
The Truth Part One

     "What do you mean?" I asked.
     Zander turned and stared at me again. "The truth, about Ephraim, all of it."
     I sighed, "Zander, please, can we not talk about this right now?"
     Something flashed in his eyes, but it was gone before I could tell what it was. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow?" When I nodded, he kissed me, long and hard. He walked backwards to the door, smiling. Something sad was behind his smile, though.
     I waved at him before he drove away, then walked up the steps. Something felt wrong, though. It felt like there was something else in the house, or rather someone. The door to my room was closed, which was weird because it was usually shut. The window in my room was streaming sunlight, a shadow stretched across the floor in the shape of a guy.
     "Jasmine, I know you're standing in the hallway," A melodic voice said, "Come in."
     Anger tossed through my mind. "This isn't your house; you will not tell me when I can come into my own room."
     "Yes, I know. I'm sorry."
     My anger still didn't die down. "How the hell did you get into my house anyway?"
     He stood, towering over me. "I walked."
     "How long have you been here?"
     "Long enough to hear you and Zander talking," His tone wasn't accusing. He walked towards me, and tried to put a hand on my shoulder.
     I flinched away. "Don't touch me."
     He looked honestly hurt, but sat down on my bed. "Why did you tell Zander that you didn't want to talk about it?"
     That definitely wasn't one of the questions that came to my mind. "Uh, well, because if I'm going to hear the truth about all of this, then you should be the one to tell me."
     He smiled at that. "I'm glad to hear that."
     "So, are you going to tell me?"
     "Do you want me to?"
     Exasperated, I rolled my eyes. "Honestly, Ephraim. If you broke into my house, then you either wanted to tell me, or you're just really, really creepy."
     Ephraim was unfazed by the comment. "Fine, I'll tell you," He took a deep breath, "Where do you want me to start?"
     "Tell me the whole thing."
     "Okay, well first things first. I'm an angel," He quickly went on before I could interrupt, "But, I'm not an ordinary angel. I don't have pure white wings, a halo, or one of those damn white gowns. I'm like a hybrid. I was born of a demon and an angel. And before you ask if that's possible, it obviously is. However, I'm the only one.
     "My father, was a demon, my mother an angel. He was by far the vilest man on the world. Well, heaven and hell to be exact."
     I stopped him, "Who was he?"
     "He is Lucifer, probably the only man, or demon, in the world capable of doing what he has done. He convinced my mother that he loved her. When she had me, she died and my father took me into training. And the training was to fight, to kill. Ever since I can remember, he's been pounding images into my head. Images where emotion is wrong, hatred is an energy in which we need to survive.
     "When I was five years old, he gave me a sword for a birthday. I was happy because that's how I was raised, to be hateful, but what he asked me to do with it was unspeakable. He told me to kill one of my friends, Frederick, another child. At first, I told him I wouldn't do it. He told me not to show weakness, and that if I didn't kill him, he would. So I killed Frederick, knowing that Father would have made it much more painful. I cried that night, and I was the only child, only being there, that cried. And it was because I was a hybrid freak.
     "As for Jasen, we were friends until I was seven. Father made all of the children train against each other, and when I lost to Thate, and cried, he banished me. He said 'No son of mine will show weakness. It doesn't matter if you are some sort of hybrid monster.' When I came to, someone was staring at me. It was a man, average height, average build. His hair was as white as snow, and his eyes were sky blue."
     My mind wandered momentarily. "Is Jasen like you? I mean is he an angel?"
     "Jasen is a demonic angel, meaning when he gets angry, his wings come out if he wants them to. Then, he grows horns and his eyes turn red-"
     "Like you?"
     His expression was blank. "Yes, but worse, he just transforms into this beast, one that you wouldn't want to mess with. His wings are black as midnight, and so are his eyes."
     "Why is that?"
     "Why is what?"
     "His hair, eyes, and wings are all black."
     He nodded. "Our hair usually mirrors our wings. As for his eyes, they are black because he has no soul," He stopped, then said, "Back to what I was saying. The man, Carson, told me that even though I was Lucifer's son, I was welcome in heaven. He took me to somebody else, and the other man said that he's put me into guardian training. He taught me exactly the opposite of what Father had, that love is necessary for an angel.
     "Hundreds and hundreds of years later, I got my first charge. Zander Gregg."            


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