An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 17
"As long as I don't die, I'm okay with that."

     Zander was waiting for me after school, standing next to my locker. "So, how much trouble are you in?" I asked, twisting the lock until it opened.
     "Eh, not much. Mr. Chadwick said that we both are suspended for two days."
     My locker closed with a quiet metallic noise. "Yeah, that's not bad. At least you have the weekend to look forward to after being suspended."
     "It's only Tuesday, I'll still have to come Friday," He smiled down at me.
     I smiled back. "But Friday counts as a weekend day to me."
     He put his arms around me. "I like your thinking," Before anything could else be said on my part he said, "Guess what?"
     Zander grinned. "I'm going to take you home today."
     I laughed. "When was this decided?"
     "On my birthday," He said, still grinning.
     "It's your birthday?"
     "No, my birthday was over spring break," Zander grinned widely, "I would say sixteen and never been kissed, but that would be a lie."
     "Well, here's another kiss then," I kissed him quickly, then continued, "Happy belated birthday."
     He took my hand and led me towards the student lot. A familiar shape came into view; it was one with two wheels. "I love my motorcycle," He said kind of sheepishly after seeing the look on my face.
     "As long as I don't die, I'm okay with that." I said with a laugh. He handed me a helmet and climbed onto the motorcycle.
     "Hold on tight," Zander said, his smile evident in his voice. My arms wrapped around his waist, and the engine roared to life. Soon, we were at my house, Zander making sure that his bike wouldn't tip over.
     Zander smiled coyly at me as I unlocked the door. "So, am I allowed to come inside?"
     "Are you?"
     He reached behind me and opened the door. Then, he stepped dramatically over the threshold as if a bomb might go off if he stepped in the wrong spot. He smiled at me. "I guess I am," He sauntered over to the couch, and sat down, patting the cushion next to him.
     I glanced at the clock and said, "We have thirty minutes."
     Zander leaned down close to me. "More than enough time," He murmured against my lips.
     My arms wrapped around his neck, my fingers tangling through his hair. I leaned back until the arm of the couch was supporting my back. Zander's hand was pressed against the small of my back, pushing me closer to him. His other hand was on my waist.
     He pulled away for a second gasping, but kept his forehead pressed against mine. Then something on the floor caught his attention, "Jasmine, what is this?"
     That got my attention; he hadn't called me by my full name since spring break. He moved, so I could sit up. He was talking about the newspaper article- the one where Jasen had been found stabbed. "Um, the guy that ran into my car-"
     But Zander wasn't listening, he was shaking his head back and forth, saying, "No, I know who he is. Wait here," The door opened, and after a moment, I heard it close again. "Look at this," He thrust a piece of crumpled paper at me.
     My eyes scanned the page quickly, widening as my they passed over each word. The words seemed to mean nothing, though. Just the picture, that horrifying picture, with the dark haired teenager. My hands were trembling by the time I finished reading. "What does this mean?"
     Zander was sitting next to me, his body tense. "Wait, I have a few questions," He took a deep breath; it sounded ragged, "Have you been having any weird dreams lately?"
     "Yeah, why?"
     He ignored my question, "Were they near death experience dreams?"
     I nodded and he sighed, "Damn, and guys with wings?"
     "What does all this mean?"
     Zander looked deep into my eyes, worry written all over his face as if someone scribbled it there with a Sharpie. "It means you finally need to know the truth."     


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