Stuck In Between
Author: dratolson

Chapter 2
Chapter two

I woke up, my head throbbing, on what I thought was a cold hard floor of a cell. However, closer inspection of trying to move my arms and legs told me that I was tightly strapped down to a hard metal table by straps that I could easily cut through if I had the right tools.

“You’re awake! We can start the questions now.” So clearly I had an interrogator. A figure stepped out of the shadows of the darkened cell. Now that I thought about it I was in the only spot that had absolutely any light. The lamp that was hanging somewhat above my head was the only furniture in the cold, damp cell besides my make shift bed.

“How long have I been here?” I questioned the young man.

I will ask the questions and you have no right to talk unless talked to!” His reply was harsh and in a whisper as if he didn’t want some one or something to hear what he was saying. That was followed by a quick but painful slap across my left cheek. “I’m pretty sure you won’t be talking again until asked a question. Am I right?” The pupils of his eyes were becoming extremely small like a bird’s will when they want you to leave them alone.

“You’ve got that right,” I said and adding silently in my head Take that you fruitcake.

His beautiful blues eyes widened with surprise till I swear they were the size of golf balls. There was something strange yet glamorous about his face. First of all his complexion was absolutely clear. Then there was the fact that his lips were full and bright red, very unusual in a guy. The last thing I noticed after staring directly at him was that he wasn’t blinking. That couldn’t be right, and yet it was true.

“Aw, I see you’ve noticed my face. Never mind that. Let’s go on to the questions, shall we? Well, no let’s wait on that. I must introduce myself first. My name is Sirious.” I waited for him to ask me who I was but instead he continued. “I already know who you are so there’s no need to ask because I can ready your filthy little mind.” Who the heck was this Sirious guy and more important who the heck was this Sirious guy and more important what was he? Clearly he was more then human if he could read minds.

“That’s all you need to know, Edan. You will find out soon enough, if you live through this to see another sun rise.” The laugh that escaped from his throat was way beyond human. It sounded more like a dog that was on its death bed. “Alrighty then, first question. Where is Tallulah Ever?” What! She was missing!

“How on Earth am I supposed to know? I’ve been cooped up with you and your weird facial features for who knows how long and you expect me to know what’s going on in the outside world!” I braced myself for the blow as his long black beard tickled my face when he came closer. I was smart because the hand that had hit me before did come. This time though the long and skinny fingers took death grip on a large chunk of my short curly blonde hair and yanked as if there was no tomorrow. I wanted to scream but I knew it would show signs of weakness. Instead I took in a sharp breath.

“Now, let me ask again. Where is Tallulah Ever?” Sirious asked again pulling on the same strands with a little less effort. It was not as painful but it was enough for me to make up a small lie that could possibly get me killed if whoever he was for found out.

“She’s dead. The impact from her fall on the flag pole during the fire knocked her out good. I checked her pulse before you got to me. It was gone.” My memory was coming back. The Fire! The school exploded! We never got to the office because the school exploded! Oh My Gosh! Tallulah did fall and become unconscious but why can’t I remember where I left her when I pulled her to safety and they dragged me into the van? My beautiful green eyes started to tear up as I realized that she might be dead. I couldn’t believe it. My memory was coming back clearly. Like my thoughts said before there had been an explosion in half the school and a flood in the other half. Who caused it? Us.

“Very good, youngling. Remembering, you are.” So he was a Yoda want to be too. Very interesting. “Yes, you guys did cause this. Someone else was in on it too. She caused the fire to grow. Can you guess it?”

I thought. Aeirlyn? Her last name was Ever. Was it possible?
“Very good. How did you guess? Oh wait, I know this. Was it just a lucky guess or did you guess it because of the last name?” The fingers were no longer wrapped around my hair, but tapping a tut tut tut rhythm on the edge of the table. “They are your sisters; you do know that, do you not?” Are you crazy! Of course I figured out that we were somewhat related. How stupid can you be? In all of my thirteen short but amazing years I had met a lot of crazy people. But none this wacko.

“Let’s continue now, shall we. Good. Now that you have your memory back, how many times have you conjured this so called fire?” I could feel the hot breath on my face and wanted so badly to cringe away or run. Had to deal with it for now though.

“I believe only three times,” I told the truth that time. Would this nut job hit me again or would I be oddly rewarded? I had no idea and I’m pretty sure even he didn’t know what he was going to do till he did it. He took my head in both hands and shook it violently causing me to go dizzy. What on Earth! This guy just keeps getting nuttier and nuttier. I watched as his release fell from my battered up head and landed beside him at his black suit covered sides.

“I will come to check on you later when, ummmm let me think, maybe when you’ve changed your mind,” Sirious said right before disappearing through a door in the side of the cell.


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