Saint Ray (of Fate) 's Short Stories
Author: Saint Oreo

Chapter 14
The T.E.

On her first morning as an young adult Harlow awoke and enjoyed a quiet breakfast. Her calm exterior spoke volumes but inside troubles plagued her senses. Now she had grown up, Harlow knew there were some things she had to do.Harlow had never met her father before- she had been brought up by her mother Scarlett alone. All through her life she felt the emptiness of knowing she had a parent who didn't want her, and now it was time to set those things to right... but maybe not in the way he expected.

As she locked him in the dank cell Harlow felt no guilt. Instead a saccharine grin split her features as she saw the confusion of her father's face; the panic. It was delicious. She didn't even stay to watch him burn. As Harlow returned to survey the result of her handywork she was felt an unvoluntary shiver- the kind you get when you realise someone is watching you. Her senses heightened as her skin turned cold, and slowly she turned to see who was behind her.

He was only there for a moment, but it was long enough to make an impression on young Harlow. Death stole your attention whether you wanted him to or not.

Right then and there, Harlow made a place for Him in her heart and vowed that he would one day belong to her.

After that Harlow was obsessed. She knew that to see Him again others would have to die. It seems so stange that someone would be willing to go so far, but Harlow was evil to her very core, and she wanted him. She needed a sacrifice.

The maid was cleverer than the last victim and battled valiantly to save herself. Still, it wasn't enough to save her skin. Harlow awoke from a deep sleep to the maid's final cries as she lost her life. Quickly she ran to the cells to wait for Him. Death didn't take long to materialise, but every second wasted was torture for Harlow. She took a deep breath as he harvested the soul and prepared to speak to the Grim Reaper.

Being touched by Death wasn't how Harlow had imagined. Yes, his touch was cold and distant, but it filled Harlow with such feeling; such resolve that she knew they were meant to be together. In a few seconds, he was gone. After that came another victim- Jolie. A sweet girl, Harlow lured Jolie to her home under the illusion of friendship, but both women got more than they bargained for.


Yes, a few hours after being placed in the cell, Jolie spun into her maternity clothes. Can pregnant Sims die? If not, will she give birth in the cell?There's only one way to find out...

Harlow paced the corridor by the cells, angry and impatient at how long it was taking for her to see Death again. She realised she needed a way to get lots of people to her house at once. And then she thought of the perfect solution.

A party.

Soon her cells were crammed with fresh blood. Unfortunately though, many of the Sims were NPC's, and thus were able to escape from their confinement. Still, there would be enough murder to go around. One of the party guests got a very special cell- with his wife. Yes, Harlow had tracked down Jolie's husband Nick and promptly placed him with his beloved.

At first the couple were delighted to be together once again, but soon the stresses of living in captivity began to overwhelm them, and they argued bitterly. Harlow ran eagerly to the basement, following the screams of her prey until she was reunited with the Reaper once again.

But sadly this time Death didn't hang around to chat. Harlow felt crushed by his abandoment and retired to her room. She convinced herself that she wasn't good enough for Him- that he didn't want her. She sat in front of her mirror and sobbed, and soon began working on changing herself. Whilst things were unfolding in the basement, above ground Harlow's brother Devon was celebrating his birthday. He turned into a handsome young man and quickly moved out.

The next day Harlow invited over her neighbour Cleo. Cleo had just recently lost her son, though she didn't realise that it was Harlow who had so cruely snatched his life away. Harlow decided that the kindest thing to do was to ease her pain.


Not long after Jolie went into labour and stayed that way for many hours. Eventually she just stopped. No baby. No death. What a disappointment. Harlow had started to lay a buffet of souls for the Reaper to feed on, she just hoped he would be grateful. She waited patiently, as always, for him to finish work.


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