Author: XxJustForFunnxX

Chapter 2
Beat at there expence.

                                           March 5th 2001



 "Get the fuck out here, bitch" my father screamed, kicking my bedroom door in, my older brother and sister were hiding under the bed, alogn with my little brother and sister "Yes father?" I said getting to my feet and looking at my bare feet that had dried blood on them from earlier "Where the hell are Kikki Nyle Jemmie and..." he asked drunkly "Nikki, Kyle Jessie and Jenny are gone father" I saidtrying to sound polite, not looking at him. He grabbed me by the arm and flung me up "WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GO?!" he screamed slamming me into a wall, I winced "I-I dont know" I sputterd, I could taist blood in my mouth "useless peice of shit.." he mumbled, slamming me on the ground, he kicked me and walked out of the room screaming "Gimmie another beer you fucking whore!" at my mother. When my mother came back in I was still currled up on the floor, I learned not to cry last year from Nikki, because if you cried, you would get beat more. "Get up you little shit, its time to take a bath" my mom said grabbing me, she wasent as hard as my father was, sometimes I acctualyl thought she cared the first time my father went to prison she got off of drugs and alcohol, she cleened up and dident beat us anymore..But then my father got out and she got even worse. She reeked of alcohol and blood, she dragged me to the bathroom and turned the water on hot, ripping my clothes off she dropped me in the shallow, once white, now green and brown, bathtub. the little water that was in it was scolding hot, it burnt my bum and legs after there was soap stigning my eyes and my body was red and my skin was peeling, I was alloud to get out, I used a bloody durt coverd towel my mom threw at me and put my clothes back on, inching to the room me and my three brothers and four sisters al shared. My dad walked in, he reeked of weed so I knew he was too high to see anything, but he still managed to grab my ankel as I tried to hide in the closet and slam me onto the tile of our room "Dont fucking try" he slurred, spilling his beer a little "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" he screamed at me, kicking me hard in the chest, I coughed up blood and screamed in pain.


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