Author: XxJustForFunnxX

Chapter 1
Five Years Young

                                                January 25th 2000



"Bitch shut your fucking mouth" my father yelled at my mother, grabbing her and throwing her on the ground with a horible 'crack' she screamed in pain as he kicked her into a wall. I tryed to hide behind the trash can in the kitchen, tears silently stramed down my face I was only silent. I heard my father knock the table over "Oh Krissstieee wherreee aaarreee youuu? Lets play a game..How bout Monopily™?" He said, a sinister tone to his voice, I cringed but stayed quiet I heard my mother moan in pain, a loud aful sound that almost made me feel sorry for her "John! You know Im fucking pregnant!" she screamed "I hope I killed the fucking think, bitch keep your fucking legs closed slut" my father yelled "I would if you wouldent force them the hell open!" she yelled "dont take that tone to me you worthless peice of shit!" I heard my father yell and his big drunken feet toward the living room I did a sigh of relife, a little to loud I quickly coverd my mouth and the tears started flowing heavier because I could hear his feet coming toward me "gotcha!" he said throwing the trash can into a wall, exposing me. A frail bleeding bruised sobbing five year old child, he grabbed my arms and yanked me up, smashing me into the ground "Why the fuck dident you come out when I called you, you worthless shit?!" he screamed, kneeling down and slapping me "I-I-I c-couldnet hear y-you d-daddy" I tryed to choke out "bull shit you stupid shit" he said grabbing me by the hair and slamming me into a wall "Stop your fucking crying! Stupid little shit!" he screamed, yanking me up by the back of my dirty, bloody white shirt that was about three sizes too big, I knew all too well were he was taking me. I was getting choked and I tryed not to make any noise, it would just anger him furthur finally I heard the basement door open, my father chucked me down the stairs, my head slamming againts the concreat but I was safe I was away from his horible beatings. He slammed the door after screaming a line of slurred together cuss words and insults. I crawled painfully to my towel in the corner. currling up I feel asleep and drempt of kindergarden the next day..Were I was free from my horible parents..Or I was at least for a few hours.


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