♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 41
Years Later.

                                                      Years Later


    Life was good. Here's how everything turned out. Jay and I are married now. We have 3 beautiful kids. Ace was the oldest. He had Jays black crazy hair and my eyes. It was strange but I was extremely happy because we have 2 twins. We agreed to name them after me and Free. Free had more black hair then blonde. Lexi had more blonde then black. Mom gave us my old house. I was happy to be back in my beautiful home I thought she was going to sell. She had a dog of her own and now only has one job. She is allowed to bring her dog with her. So she's never lonley. As for Free. He also lives in Tennessee with his wife Amy. They also have three kids. All girls. Cecillia (C.C), Olivia, and Carter. There 4th is due in 2 months. Its a boy and there naming him Rhett. Cassie married a guy named John and they live in Nebraska. Mimi is still single but happy about it. Maddy is engaged to a guy named Adam. And Chase is a bachelor living in LA. Mom and Dad were divorced and we havn't seen him since. This is how everyone turned out in my life. Life was great. Oh ya, and my beloved German Shepherd Harley had some pups of his own. He and Buddy live with us. There now fully grown and we take them to the park everyday.



'' Ace! Put your shoes on! The guest will be arriving any minute! '' I yelled through the house.

'' Honey, where did you put the beer? '' Jay called from the kitchen.

'' It's in the garage fridge! '' I yelled back. I went into Lexi's room and helped her with her dress.

'' Mommy, why is peoples comin over? '' she asked.

'' It's Christmas Eve. We did this last year remember? Besides your cousins are coming over. '' I arranged the bow on her head. She giggled and called for her brother.

'' Free! Peoples are comin. '' she ran into his room. I looked myself over and straightened my dress. The doorbell rang.

'' Ace get the door and be polite. '' I called down. I heard the door open as I ran down the stairs.

'' Hey Champ. Hows it going? '' he asked Ace.

'' Pretty good Uncle Free. '' they shook hands. I sighed and hugged my brother.

'' Hey Merry Christmas. '' he kissed my cheek.

'' Back at ya. '' I hugged him. My nieces ran in the door.

'' Aunt Lexi! '' they cheered as they hugged me.

'' Hey girls! You all look gorgeous! I love your dresses! '' I complimented them.

'' Thanks. '' they said simultaneously. They ran off to find Free and Lexi. Ace grabbed my hand and led me into the den.

'' Mom when is James gunna be here? '' he pouted.

'' Soon, Aunt Jamie will be here with him. ''

'' Can I go and skateboard outside? '' he asked.

'' Yes, bundle up and dont get dirty or rip your clothes. '' I warned.

'' Thanks. '' he kissed my cheek and ran off. Amy walked in and hugged me.

'' Lexi! Merry Christmas. ''

'' Likewise. '' I smiled. We chatted as more guest arrived. Someone was calling my name and I excused myself. It was my sister in law Leah.

'' Hey! Where's Jay? '' she asked. I looked at the dangling dogtag she was wearing. The one Jay gave to her when she was 5.

'' Not sure. He was looking for beer last time I heard him. '' she ran off. More people were coming in. Family and Friends. I saw James looking around. I went outside to find Ace. I listened and heard a shout.

'' Ace? Honey? Where are you? '' I yelled.

'' I'n... the c-creek.. '' he whimpered. I took off my heels and ran to the creek across the street. It was dark outside and hard to see him. If only he had blonde hair!

'' Baby where are you? '' I called.

'' Here... '' he shivered. I dipped my toe in and took it back out. It was freezing! His skateboard was sticking out of the water.

'' I don't see you! Can you swim over here? '' I asked.

'' No! Im holding onto a rock! If I let go the stream will take me down! '' he cried.

'' Hold on! I'm gunna get daddy! '' I told him. I darted back to the house. Everyone gave me a weird look.

'' Jay! Jay! '' I called through the house. He walked in front of me.

'' What is it? '' he asked.

'' Ace is stuck in the creek! The current is strong and high! '' I tugged him. He took of his shoes, and top. He still had his awesome body and pack. Everyone looked at him in shock. We ran back to the creek.

'' Son! Son where are you? ''he called.

'' In the middle of the creek! '' he whined. Jay shivered as he got in the creek and searched for Ace. It was 5 minutes later when they came splashing on land.

'' Here I got him. '' I took him from Jays arms. He chilled my body and soaked my dress. Jay coughed and shook the water from his hair making it wild again. :) We took him back to the house. Everyone gasped when they saw us.

'' Is he alright? '' Free asked.

'' I think so. Jay go to take a shower. I'll get him a bath. '' after they were warm and dry the party went on. Soon everyone left and we all cleaned up. Free and Lexi were sleeping on each other in the den. I put them over one of my shoulders and put them in there pajamas. They slept peacefully. Finally I went to Ace's room.

'' Goodnight. '' I said.

'' Wait. You and dad have to tell me a story first. '' he pouted. Oh right. Every night we tell him a story of our teenage years. I got Jay and we told him the story of the time I got locked out of my truck and Jay came and got me.

'' Wow. So that was kinda like me tonight huh? '' he asked.

'' Pretty much. '' Jay said. We kissed him goodnight and went into our room. Finally we were settled in bed and watched t.v.

'' That was really sexy. '' I said. He looked at me with a playfull grin.

'' What? '' he asked.

'' When you ripped your shirt off and ran to get Ace. ''

'' Ya well it was sexy how fast you ran. '' he lifted his eyebrows.

'' Well I always was a fast runner. ''

'' Hell I know. '' he rolled his eyes and laughed. Memories flooded my mind.

'' You look exactly the same as you were in high school. Same hair, body, everything. ''

'' You do too. I'm not just saying that. I mean literally you look exactly the same! '' he threw his hands in the air. That was a relief.

'' I guess were both just to sexy to grow old. '' I laughed. He pushed my shoulder.

'' Merry Christmas. I love you. '' he said.

'' Love you too. '' we kissed. I snuggled next to him and fell asleep.



                                                        THE END


                                  awww i'm so sad to end it. I love my characters haha!

Thank you everybody! You are the best readers ever! I love you all! I'm starting a new book called My Stubborn Love! Check it out!


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