Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 70
For Armageddon Won't Wait on the Shelf.

Obama is lost in the wilderness
Obama is being discreet
His selections for office confusing,
And his war plans portend a defeat.
To walk out of Iraq tomorrow,
To leave it all up in the air
Is a massive display
Of chaotic foreplay
Which will inevitably bring despair.
All the factions are screaming objections,
The war room is gnashing it's teeth,
The oil lobby is throwing a tantrum
And the Republicans stamping their feet.
The White House is echoing silence
Old Georgie is holding his peace,
For the damage is done
With Iraq in the gun
Now the warmongers seek a release.
For old Saddam was harboring terrorists
Or so the story went
So Cheney, Bush and Wolfowitz
Reacted…and they spent
A fortune on a war machine
America invades
And those Middle Eastern oil fields
Became protected everglades.
Nobody called it criminal,
Invasion was OK…..
But now embarrassment is everywhere.
Old Glory ….Now Must Pay!
So Obama is plucking his forces
He is pulling the military out
….Regardless of the consequence,
….Regardless of the rout!
The Kurds and the Turkish are restless
The Sunnis hold grimly to power
Shiites appeal to Iranians
To invade, behead and deflower.
The occupying Armies
Cling to what passes for peace,
While the faithful are called
To keep the martyrs enthralled
And the car bombs explode in the streets.
So Obama is plucking his forces,
He is leaving Iraq in the mud
For the vacuum will bring a catastrophe
An implosion of violence and blood.
Disorder will spread through the region
Escalation will build on itself
Arab kills Jew
And the Jews may kill you
For Armageddon won’t wait on the shelf.



     Mangere Bridge
     27 November 2008


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