♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 39
Jays p.o.v. where did summer go?

Authors note_

  Hey guys! I know I'm skipping through a lot! I'm just trying to get the book done. In this chapter summer has already passed. There about to head off to college. UGHHH haha sorry my keyboard and computer are being really retarted right now. It'll be the last night all together with families. After they go to college I'm prob gunna do 1 or 2 chapters of like 4 years later. Or something. Thanks! love u all <3 spindlegal


Jays. p.o.v.


   Everything I needed was packed. Buddy was ready to go. He was coming with me. Lexi was taking Harley with her. We had already bought apartments right next to each other. That way we could keep our dogs with us. It seemed easier then a dorm. Besides, I have a mate that won't bug the crap out of me. Tonight was being spent with the family. One last time. I plugged my cellphone into the charger and walked out of the doorway. Instantly Leah clung to my leg and cried. She babbled and squeezed her petite body around me.

'' What's wrong sport? '' I kneeled down. She now hugged my torso and wept.

'' Why... are - are you.. you.. leaving me? '' she sniffled. Well I couldn't tell her I would never leave her in a billion years but I actually was.

'' I'm going to college. It's school. I'm gunna visit you every now and then though. '' I stroked her hair.

'' No! Please don't leave me Jay! I love you! '' she clung tighter. It was hard to resist.

'' I love you too, Sport. I need you to do something for me. Can you do that? '' I asked. She nodded. '' While I'm gone, you take care of everybody alright? And keep Luke out of my room. '' she started to smile.

'' I can do that! I can help Jay! '' she was jumping up and down.

'' Thats my favorite sister. '' I winked at her. From downstairs mom shouted '' Jay, it's not nice to pick favorites out of your siblings! '' I laughed at that. To bad, this one's my favorite. Jamie better not change her while I'm gone either.

'' I have somethin for you. '' she said and ran to her room. She was back in seconds with a picture of her sleeping in my arms while laying in her bed.

'' Thanks. This is my favorite picture. Always and forever. ''

'' Cross your heart and hope to die? '' she whispered. I slashed my finger over my heart and kissed her head.

'' Cross my heart and hope to die. '' I said. '' I have something for you too. '' I went in my room and grabbed it off of my empty desk. I handed the little box to her.

'' A box? '' she asked. I smiled.

'' Open it. '' I told her. She lifted the lid slowly. Her eyes got big.

'' Friendship necklaces! '' she cheered.

'' No, not exactly. Theres two of them. One for you and one for me. '' I handed hers to her. They were dogtags of course. That was my style. I would only wear dogtags.

'' Whats it say? '' she asked.

'' It says ' When you look at this Remember Me ' '' It was silver and the words were written in black. After those words its said my name. Jay. Mine said the same thing exept with Leah written under the words. She pulled it over her head and smiled big.

'' I remember you! '' she giggled.

'' I'll always wear mine if your wear yous Ok? '' I asked. She nodded and ran down the stairs yelling, '' I remember Jay! I remember! Look mommy! It's my remember necklace. '' when I came down the stairs mom eyed me.

'' How much did these cost? '' she asked.

'' Small bargain. I know a place. '' I shrugged and put mine around my neck. I still had more things to give. Not dogtags. I can't wear 6 dogtags at a time. I grabbed them from another room. I gave Jamie a keychain of us on it. I gave Emily a stuffed animal. Luke got my sighned baseball. Mom and dad got cards and 10 bucks. I can't afford much. Then they gave me something. A guitar. I stroked the neck of it.

'' A guitar? '' I asked.

'' To go along with your voice. '' mom shrugged.

'' I don't even know how to play and I dont have a good voice. ''

'' Dad will play while you sing. '' Jamie suggested. Everyone agreed exept me. We went into the other room. Leah sat in my lap and dad tuned my guitar and strummed it.

'' How about something simple? '' dad asked.

'' How about Hey Soul Sister by Train? It's new but it does have guitar. '' I shrugged. I didn't know the words but I knew the rhythm. Emily came running in with two pieces of paper. She gave one to dad and one to me.

'' Theres the lyrics and the chords. '' she smiled. Everyone sat around. I wasn't nervous. I read over the lyrics once. Dad started to play. And I began to sing.

''     C     G                Am              F
  Hey-ay, Hey-ay-AY-ay-ay, Hey-ay-AY-ay-ay
     C               G                         Am              F
Your lipstick stains   on the front lobe of my left side brains
                      C                         G               Am  F G
I knew I wouldn't for-get you and so I went and let you blow my mind
     C              G                           Am            F
Your sweet moonbeam   the smell of you in every single dream I dream
                   C                              G                     Am F G
I knew when we col-lided you're the one I have de-cided who's one of my kind

F               G                 C      G      F
Hey soul sister ain't that mister mister on the radio stereo
    G                 C        G
The way you move aint fair you know
F               G               C      G      F            G
Hey soul sister I don't want to miss a single thing you do '' I was having fun even if I wasn't a good singer. My whole family smiled at me as I sang. Like I was the last slice of pizza and everyone wanted me. Once the song finished everyone clapped and whistled.

'' My God Jay that was amazing! '' Jamie cheered.

'' Thanks. '' I shrugged. After a couple more songs were sung we ate dinner. As always I wasn't that hungry. I grabbed 3 meatballs and bit off them slowly. My family dug in and had the bowl of pasta empty. 

'' I still can't believe you got into Notre Dame with Lexi. I mean they would have put all your lunch fights in your profile. I dont want any of that happening there. Or your bye bye. '' Mom said. I never really thought about that. Oh well. It was a miracle. I was also extremely happy that Chase was coming with us. Dan was going to a community college and Shaun was going to Harvard. My new friend Free was going to Princeton. I would miss that guy. His sarcasm. After dinner I checked my contacts and made sure he was in there. Yup. I went back down to my family were we played guitar hero and Storm snuggled in my lap.


Lexi's p.o.v


    The night went on as we played games and discussed everything. I asked mom about the house and her and everything. She says she's going to keep everything the same. Like we were still here and nothing changed. That made me happy. She also said Mimi asked if she wanted her to stay with her. Mimi was doing that college online thing. Mom said she would be delighted to have her. So Free and I were going out and Mimi was coming in. She also will be house keeping our house for money. At least mom wouldn't be lonley. I thought it was weird one of my best friends would be living at my house. But hey, it's her life. Watcha gunna do? As for Cassie, she was going to a college in NJ. She wanted to stay close to Free. Maddy was coming with me to Notre Dame. Jay had Chase and I had Maddy. Of course we had each other. Maddy was going to stay with me in the apartment. That way we split the rent. Me and Free both packed a picture of us together. His arm was under my shoulders and my hands were holding onto his arm and we were laughing. Everything was packed and ready. The day was ending and it made me sadder and sadder. I had to leave this gorgeous house. I had to leave my mom and my friends. But once I was back. Everything would be ok. Hopefully. Mom let me and Free watch a movie together one last time. Then she joined us again.

'' I'm gunna miss you guys so much. '' she hugged us.

'' We'll miss you too. '' Free said. She handed us envelopes. We opened them. Inside was 700 dollars. Also a bracelet that said: My twin is my best friend. It had a little charm of Free's face. Free got the same thing exept with my face and his bracelet was a boyish style.

'' I thought it would help you cope. '' mom said with tears in her eyes. I snapped mine on. Free snapped his on around his car keys and shrugged. We had a group hug and departed for the night. Goodbye my beautiful home. Goodbye Tennessee. Goodbye Free. Goodbye Mom. Goodbye Highschool.






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