♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 38
Graduation sucks.

Authors notes_

Readers I get it that you think this is pointless. Please stop posting that though. It's bugging the crap outa me. srry having a bad day. p.s. please try to ignore spelling mistakes and ect. thnx



    I was dreading today. The day I graduate. Smoothing the white gown out I made my way down the stairs. Mom tossed out the energy drink she had chugged and smiled when she saw me. Inside I was pouting. I guess it showed it on the outside as well.

'' Baby whats wrong? '' she asked. I started bawling.

'' I dont wanna go to college. '' I choked. My head fell on her shoulder and she wrapped her arms around me.

'' Why not? '' she stroked my hair.

'' I don't want to leave my friends or family. I dont want to leave Tennessee! '' I whined.

'' Baby, you can come on weekends and theres vacation. You'll have a great time! I promise! Besides your going to Notre Dame with Jay. Indiana isn't that far away. ''

'' Ya, but Free's going to Princeton! '' I bawled harder.

'' I knew this would happen. I should have put you in different high schools. '' she shook her head. This was one of the hardest things to do. Once summer was over, me and Free would be split up for 4 years. The only times we were split up is when we slept over or went to camp. Not very long. Some people might be dying to get away from there siblings. Not me. We've been close since we were babies. Obviously. We played with each other in moms wound. Free cleared his throat as he walked in. Mom let me go as she gasped over him. He did look pretty amazing. The silky white made his hair look blonder and his eyes stood out. As mom hugged him he looked at me with a blank expression. When mom let go of him my body shot forward and hugged him. The tears poured down again.

'' Mom can you give us a minute? '' he asked. She looked suprised but left the room. He put his hands on my shoulders and stared into my face.

'' I can't do it Free. '' I saw my crumpled self inside his eyes.

'' Yes you can. You know why? '' he asked. Uh NO! When I didn't answer he went on. ''Because you have family and friends supporting you all the way. ''

'' Dont tell me this crap. '' I pushed him backwards. He smiled and chuckled.

'' Ok, ok. Honestly I have nothing to say exept everything going to be great. ''

'' Well those words make me feel sooo much better. ''

'' I do what I can. By the way you have some black ash scribbled down your face. '' he laughed.

'' Shut up! '' I laughed and pushed him. I reapplied  my makeup and went back downstairs. After mom finished taking pictures of us we got in the car. Once we arrived she went into the gym while we went around the front. I made sure to look at everything we passed to remember it. I looked at my old locker. Hm.... Free grabbed my wrist and we ran in the back.

'' Where are the Erdmans? '' Mrs. Fusia was pacing back and forth looking around for us.

'' Here! '' we yelled. Relief crossed her face. She put us in next to the other E's. I looked back and saw Jay in his gown. He was like an angel. He spotted me looking at him and waved. I blew a kiss and turned back around. They started. Slowly they approached the E's.

'' Chassidy Echer. Freeman Erdman. '' it bothered me that they used his full name. Next, me.

'' Lexi Erdman. '' I almost froze to the spot but something made me walk. I shook hands with the principle and he handed me my diploma. I smiled and walked off and took my seat. Once everyone had gone we threw our hats up in the air. Parents came to find there children.  Once mom found us she kissed our heads and tried to hold back the tears.

'' My babies are all grown up. '' she touched both of our cheeks. I just realized. Me and Free were going away and dad and her divorce was coming through soon. She would be lonley. All alone. I dont think she was planning on getting married again. Everything would change. She would sell the house and buy a littler one for herself. She would only work one job. Harley would come with me. She was all alone.



   We drove to a close by Calhouns. The gowns were returned and I was in a ruby rox pleated shift dress. Free was in a blazer and my mom in a dress from old navy. We waited for the Goulds to come. Once they did, me, Free, Jay, and Jamie got a seperate table close to our families. Free was on my left and Jay on my right. Jamie was keeping it un akward by talking about her camp and she asked me wath she should wear. The waitress came by. She looked at me and Jamie and scowled before the guys saw. She walked away from a distance. What the hell. She undid two of the buttons on her blouse and came back over. What a slut.

'' My name is Christine may I take your drink order? '' she asked. Mostly glancing at Jay and Free only.

'' Yes, I would like some button your shirt up because this is my brother and my boyfriend. '' I smirked at her. Mean but she should know better. She blushed, badly. Jamie snickered.

'' M-- May I-- will you repeat your drink order please? '' she said obviously embaressed. She was also very angry. I told her I wanted water. Once she went away me and Jamie burst out into laughter.

'' Did you see her undo her blouse?! '' I laughed. Jamie nodded. Unable to speak she was laughing so hard. Free flicked me under the table. '' Hey! She had it coming! '' I replied to his glare. After a minute he bursted into laughter realizing it was pretty funny. The parents and little kids looked over at us. Our parents gave us a look that meant: Shut the hell up! The waitress came back. With the buttons back up. The night went on. Upstairs was a dance being held. Jamie stayed with the other kids while the adults including us went upstairs. Mr. and Mrs. Gould joined hands and danced slowly. Mom and Free danced slowly also. But not in the marriage way. Finally Jay stuck his hand out. My hand went behind his neck and his hand went to my waist. We danced in rhythm of the music.

'' You look beautiful. '' he whispered in my ear.

'' Your not to bad yourself. '' I smiled shyly.

'' You dance nicely too. '' he chuckled lightly.

'' Likewise. ''

'' Im actually kinda nervous. '' he said.

'' Why's that? ''

'' I've never dated anyone prettier then me. '' a smile escaped across his face.

'' I didn't think you considered yourself pretty. '' I laughed.

'' Ok so the line is cheesey. '' he shrugged.

'' Uh huh. Try another. '' I layed my head on his shoulder. He didn't even have to think.

'' One day you might ask me whats more important to me. You or my life. I would say my life. And you'll walk away without even knowing you are my life. '' that hit it home. It was sad but beautiful. No tears came to my eyes but I was in shock.

'' That was beautiful. '' I said.

'' Don't cry on me. Free will think I hurt you. '' he smiled. I chuckled.

'' I still don't see how we hated each other all these years and now.. ''

'' Follow me. '' he lead me to the door that went outside on a balcony. Like in the movies he put his blazer over my shoulders. We held hands and looked out into the city.

'' Lexi. '' he said. I faced him. '' I love you. '' he said. These were the words I have been dying to hear. I could have thrown myself at him and kissed him.

'' I love you too. '' I said. Then like in all the movies. We kissed.



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