♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 37
Flying across lunchrooms

Authors note!~!

 Sorry guys I accidentally just deleted a paragraph on here and im angry! haha. Anyways i knw some of you think this is going knowhere. well i made it so there in last year of high school. So there goin to college. So i'll end it there when they go to c. I was thinking of makin a sequal to this one but it wont be as long. When there all out of college and married and have childrn. But I'm not sure about that. Let me knw what u think about that please. Also im not sure if i should make lexi and free go to diffrnt colleges or go to same and jay goes to anothr college. Im thinking lexi and free go to diffrnt  ones cause they've always been with each other and it would be a sad moment between them. So please tell me what u think about that also. Thanks for the comments! You guys are awesome! Please let me know what u think about those 2 ideas. Sorry there a bunch of grammar mistakes in here but like i said. I'm angry cause I hit wrong key and it deleted this paragraph and i had to rewrite it haha. Hate when i do that!! Anyways thanks guys! Love u! xoxo spindlegal ;) on with the story ~~~~



   My head lifted from the surface of my desk. My hair fell from my face back to its regular position. Cassie passed me a note. It said: Wats wrong with u? I replied: Tired. and threw it back to her. She quickly sent it back saying: Guess wat! :))) I scribbled back: hm? This time it took her longer to write back. It finally sailed onto the desktop. It said: Ur bro talkd wth me today!! I thought I was guna stumble ovr my words or somthin stupid! I looked over at her. She was practically jumping in her seat. I wrote: Tell me after class. I threw it to her, collected my books and got up as the bell rang for lunch. Throwing my books into my locker, I stalked off to lunch. Feeling more tired then usual. Before going to Jays table I went to Free's. I sat next to him and grabbed his fries.

'' Whats wrong with you? '' his friend Trae asked. I scowled at him and stuffed more fries in my mouth. Free grabbed them back but said nothing. I got up and went and sat next to Jay. He was also tired.

'' Hey Lexi. '' Jays friend said. I said nothing but smiled as best as I could. '' Do you talk at all? '' he bit his lip. You should feel nervous.

'' Mhmm. Just really tired. ''  I grabbed one of Jays chicken tenders and bit off of it.

'' So I see. ''

'' Look alive Jay or I'm gunna rip your shirt off! '' Dan warned.

'' Perv. '' I muttered. Dan stared daggers at me.

'' What was that? '' he leaned closer.

'' Nothin. '' I scooted closer to Jay. But Dan followed.

'' Leave her alone, man. '' Jay mumbled as he smooshed his peas with his fork. Dan backed off. Someone tugged on my sweatshirt.

'' What? '' I slowly turned around.

'' I need to talk to you. '' Reese said. Oh God. I glared at him.

'' Go away, leave me alone. '' I turned back around. He grabbed the hood on my sweatshirt and yanked me backwards. Jay was up and put his hand on Reese's shoulder.

'' I suggest you leave her alone. '' he scowled at him. Reese pushed me on the ground then shoved Jay so hard he flew and landed on the table. All the trays rattled and beverages spilled. I got up and kicked Reese in the shin as hard as I could. It had no effect on him and he grabbed my sweatshirt and tossed me to the side. He was so big and I was so small that he threw me farther then 9 feet. My back slammed into the metal trash cans. The other ones fell ontop of me. I heard a bunch of feet and yelling. I saw Free's hair and he grabbed the trash can that was crushing me and threw it off. I was covered in food and my back and head throbbed.

'' My God are you OK? '' he asked. But a teacher shoved past him and was already helping me up. He cursed under his breathe.

'' Free carry your sister to the clinic. '' he commanded. He scooped me up bridelike and sprinted to the clinic.

'' Why am I coming here? '' I asked.

'' Well for one your covered in food. Another you may have a concussion. ''

'' How can you tell? ''

'' Your eyes are red. '' he opened the nurse's office and took me in. The nurse gasped when she saw me.

'' What happened this time? Did you break your hand again? '' she asked.

'' No. '' I sat in a chair and told her what happened. She nodded and checked my eyes. I had  a freakin minor concussion. She said just to be safe I should go home.

'' No. '' I refused. Then the doors opened and Chase was put in a chair.

'' Another one? What happened to you? '' she crossed her arms. A black bruise was forming under his eye and he had several cuts on his face. He explained and she groaned and practically threw a ice pack at him.

'' Erdman. You gotta go home. Not just because of your concussion but your covered in food.'' she threw me a little mirror. Yikes. Pudding and different sauces soaked my hair and face and my clothes were now all different colors and had food stuck to them. Ew. I got up and left.


Jays p.o.v


  I was mad at myself for not being able to help. I was thrown on the table and pulled off by a rugby dude. He refused to let me go. And I could only watch as Reese threw her into the metal cans. Then Chace and Dan tackled him. Then more people came to help. The only one who went over to Lexi was her brother. Not me. The word was she had a concussion and was bruised badly. Chace was just cut up. The event ran through my head over and over as I drived to pick up Jamie. I texted Lexi.

Me: I'm sorry. You ok?

Her: Ya, nothin but some bruises.

Me: It's my fault.

Her: Oh shut up. It. is. not.

Me: Yes it is.

Her: It was nobodys fault. Just Reese being stupid.

Me: still

Her: There is no still. Are you ok?

Me: Fine. Dazed but fine.

Her: I gotta go. Moms home.

Me bye. I closed my phone and entered Jamie's school. She was sitting in the same spot with the same people. I got out of the car and walked over to her.

'' Jamie, time to go. '' I said. Her eyes grew wide.

'' What happened to you? '' she went around to my back. '' Theres holes in your shirt and its covered in food! ''

'' Nothing. Now lets go. '' I gripped her wrist and dragged her away.

'' Tell me now. '' she buckled her seatbelt and crossed her arms.

'' No. ''

' Please Jay! '' she begged. I sighed.

'' No. '' 




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