♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 36
Lexi's p.o.v what was that?

                                                          Lexi's p.o.v


      The pill I gave Jay made him fall asleep. I sat beside him and watched What I like About You. The theme song was stuck in my head. Keep on whisperin in my ear, tell me all the things I wanna hear cause it's true. Thats what I like about you! Hey! Uh huh! Haha. I started singing it out loud. Jay caught it and sung it in his sleep. It sounded hilarious! I rolled off the couch and laughed. I tried another song. A Hannah Montana song! I sang out loud '' I probablly shouldn't say this, but at times I get so scared, when I think about the previous relationship we shared.'' He sang every word I said. Of course that was the only song I knew that was by her. I switched to another song and danced. He mimicked the tune I was singing in. This was rich! I almost fell on him I was laughing so hard. He still didn't wake up. I layed on the floor with my hands laying on my chest. I closed my eyes and waited for my breathe to even out. Thats when I heard some scratching on the window. My eyes shot open. I listened quietly, hoping it was the t.v. I didn't want to turn the t.v off though. Then it sounded like pebbles being thrown at the side of the house. My heart pounded and I cringed into the side of the couch.

'' Jay.. '' I whispered impossible for it to wake him up. '' Jay.. '' I said a little louder. But it didn't wake him up. I felt around on the couch and found his shirt. I balled it up in my fist and yanked. '' Jay..'' I said as loud as my voice would let me. I felt a twitch in his body. I yanked again. Still didn't wake him up. I finally got on my knees and bent over him. I grabbed his shoulders and shook him. '' Jay! '' I said with more force. His eyes finally opened.

'' Whah? What's wrong? '' he asked. My hands started shaking as I heard the sound again.

'' Lexi, whats wrong? '' he asked again. This time he was the one to grab my shoulders.

'' I think someones outside of the house.. listen.. '' I whispered. We listened for it again. The sound of the pebbles and scratching occured. He got up and grabbed the fire poker.

'' Stay here. I'm gunna check it out. '' he said. I ran over to him and grabbed his hand.

'' No! I don't wanna be left alone! Your not going by yourself either! '' I gripped his hand tight.

'' You'll be fine. '' he reassured me. I shook my head.

'' I want to come with you. '' I picked up a heavy small statue thing. He sighed but nodded. I stayed behind him but held onto his arm. We checked all in the house and closed the curtains. We locked every window and made sure security was on. It was time to check outside. I practically squished his arm into my torso. We went around the right and back of the house. Now the left side. Quietly we crept along the house. The sounds of the scratching was close by. The sound of the pebbles was also back. Jay held his finger to his mouth. Suddenly he jumped around the corner. I was terrified and screamed. Jay started cracking up laughing.

'' Why did you scream? '' he chuckled.

'' Why the hell are you laughing?! '' I wrapped my arms around his waist and slammed my body against his.

'' Lexi, all these sounds are from a racoon. '' he pointed to a little animal who hadn't noticed us. It was clawing the little window that was close to the ground. It's nails tapped on the window. So it sounded like pebbles.

'' Little devil! '' I released Jay and crossed my arms.

'' It just wants food. '' he chuckled again and threw some sunflower seeds from his pocket near the animal. It jumped, looked at us, and darted out of sight. Ick. I rubbed my arms. The cold covered my body in goose bumps. He put his arm around my shoulders and escorted me back inside. I went back to the den and threw myself on the couch.

'' I think you need something to eat. Your as pale as a white sheet. '' he threw a blanket over me. He went to the kitchen but returned quickly.

'' Free locked the pantry. '' he puffed. Ugh Free!

'' He should be back any minute. It's like 9:30. '' I flipped through the channels. Jay picked me up for a second, layed on the couch and pulled me next to him. He was so warm! Luckily the couch was big enough for both of us. He layed against the back of it while I layed against him. His arm was like a pillow and his other arm wrapped around my stomache. I was freakin tired and still a bit chilled. After half of the movie was through, I heard Jay singing again. Which meant he was asleep. I was to warm and tired to move. Soon enough his soft voice put me to sleep.



   I dreamed of me and Jay on the beach. Holding hands and just running down the sand and through the water. Then a racoon jumped out of the water like a dolphin.

'' Lexi! What the hell! '' a voice said in my dream. It awakened me. I opened my eyes and saw Free staring at me with a furious face. '' What the hell do you think your doing?! '' he yelled again. I felt Jay's stomache stretch out then sunk back in. His low mumbling stopped.

'' Free? What are -- '' he rubbed his eyes.

'' I'll ask the questions! '' he barked. He grabbed me by the wrist and yanked me out from under Jays arms.

'' Ow! '' I howled. He rolled his eyes.

'' When your 18 you can sleep with each other all you want. '' he released my wrist.

'' Free shut up and listen! We were just watching a movie and fell asleep! ''

'' Watever. It's 11: 15 you better get home. '' Free grabbed the blanket off of Jay and threw it across the room. Jay stretched, got up, got his things and went out the door without a word. I scowled at Free and marched up to my room. He was behind me. He grabbed my wrist.

'' Im sorry ok? '' he turned me around.

'' Mhmm. '' honestly I was to tired for another conversation.

'' It's just, I had a bad night. '' he sighed. Ugh but Jess was so good! I took him into my room. I got under my covers and he sat on my bed.

'' Tell me the story. ''

'' Well everything was good at first. Until the last 15 minutes we were with each other. She said something that I thought was offensive and we argued. She smacked me and left me on the dance floor. I couldn't find her. I left and after how bad things were left off, I was pissed. Then when I saw you and Jay I just kinda lost it. '' his face fell into his hands. I sat up and ruffled his hair.

'' It's ok. Theres plenty of fish in the sea. I know for a fact that there are more then 9 girls waiting for you to ask them out. Jess didn't work out. Same thing happened to me with Reese. Ya it stings and you feel confused but theres other people who like everything about you. Just try dating other girls. Maybe not such pretty girls. More down to earth like Cassie. '' I shrugged and yawned. He pondered this for a moment and smiled.

'' Your right. ''

'' I know for a damn fact I am. ''

'' Why not date.. Cassie. She likes you. '' I shrugged again.

'' Would you find that weird? I'f I dated your friend? ''

'' Maybe at first. But I'll get used to it. And maybe she's not the one either. Move on. '' I closed my eyes and let myself fall back.

'' Thanks. I better get in bed. Mom will be home soon. '' he got up.

'' Just remember your my brother and we look alike so were attractive, capeshe? '' I said drowsily not sure what I was really saying.

'' Capeshe. '' he closed my door. I looked at the moon, blinked, and was asleep again.


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