An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 14

     James was home early, and when I walked in, he stopped me. "Jasmine, look at this. A Local boy was stabbed."
     He held the paper out to me, and what I saw horrified me to a point that I would never return from. On the front page was a body with a knife protruding from his chest. That boy had black hair, and underneath his picture read a caption, "Local boy, Jasen Thorpe, murdered. His neck broken, a knife wound in his chest."
     I couldn't talk. It wasn't that there was grief for his death, but the fact that I had a dream about him dying the exact same way. What happened that morning about a month ago? "Dreams are real." A shudder passed through my body, my knees no longer able to hold me up. "Jasmine, are you okay?"
     All he got in response was a weak nod. He continued talking, "Did you know him?"
     Another weak nod. "How? It says that he was home schooled."
     In shuddering breaths, I answered him, "He's the one who crashed into me." That's when I fainted.
     "Jasmine, wake the hell up!" James was looming over me, with a worried look on his face.
     "The profanity was unnecessary, James." I sat up, and looked at the clock. I hadn't been out for too long, just an hour, so it was about five. 
     I decided to take a shower. My phone buzzed after my hair was completely dry. It was a text from Ephraim, "I have a surprise for you. Come over in 15 minutes?" I told him I'd be there in about twenty minutes. After tousling my hair to a decent looking way, James let me borrow his car. At six, I was outside of Ephraim's house. There was a note taped to the door. It read, "Go around back." There were stone steps leading to the back yard, and somewhere there was soft music playing.
     When I got to the backyard, I saw a black cabana over a white glass and metal table. On top of the table were two pewter candelabras, all lit. There was a dark brown, wicker lounge, beside it was an iPod speaker, playing a soft song by Paper Route. Everything was beautiful. So was the girl on top of Ephraim. "How touching." I said.
     Even in the near darkness, Ephraim's eyes were visible as they shot open. He didn't get up immediately, the girl had to get up first. "This isn't what-"
     I ignored him, "Who the hell are you?"
     She smiled, "Oh, what a pity. She doesn't recognize me."
     An image of that dream flashed through my head. That girl, that woman, and Angel. She looked a lot like her, even though I couldn't see the woman in my dream that well. The girl standing in front of me had alabaster skin, and blonde hair that was almost white. I expected her eyes to be blue, but they were black. There was barely a difference between her iris and pupil. Thinking back, it was a mistake to look into her eyes. "Who the hell am I, you ask? You honestly don't know or remember me, Jasmine?"
     "No, I do not know you." My mind was screaming to not talk, my body wouldn't listen. My mind seemed to stop for a second, then asked itself, "How did she know my name?" 
     Ephraim talked, "Lilith, leave her alone." 
     "Does that ring a bell to you, Jasmine?"
     It did, actually. Lilith from the Bible. She smiled, but I barely saw it, my eyes staring into hers. "See, you do know me."
     That seemed to slap me across the face. "Wh-what? I know the name, I-I don't know you." Why was my voice shaking?
     "Oh, no. That is not what I meant, my dear."
     She slapped him and said, "You said you didn't care. You are a liar. And What did I tell you?"
     Ephraim's eyes widened, "I don't know what you're talking about Lilith."
     She turned her fiery gaze to me again. "Oh, that's right. She doesn't know who you really are. Isn't that right, Jasmine?"
     I went to say something, but she cut me off, "If you are going to continue the facade that you do not remember, I'll have to enlighten you." Lilith grabbed me by my neck, then pinned me to the ground. Every nerve in my body screamed with pain. The only thing my mind came up with, though, was how she was pinning me to the ground while wearing a dress. She laughed; it was a noise that held humor deep within, but it was a dark noise as well. "She's clever, and carefree. I can see why you want her so much." Lilith was talking about me as if I wasn't even there anymore.
     Ephraim didn't move to help me, "I do not want her."
     She laughed again, it drowned out my choked comment. "What was that, dear?"
     Even though the shock of hearing Ephraim say that was horrible, I managed to keep my wits. And my attitude. "I said, get off of me, bitch!"
     Lilith moved one of her hands, allowing little air to my lungs, but enough. Then a harsh pain bit me. She had scratched me. She smiled and licked her lips. "You will never talk to me like that again."
     I tried to say something else, even if it would've pissed her off, but a noise cut me off. The sound was like fabric tearing, and a snarling. It was as if a rabid dog decided to go to Macy's and have fun. A blinding light flashed before my eyes. When my vision cleared, I saw Angel, but at the same time, it wasn't him.      


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