♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 35
Free's P.O.V

                                                           Free's p.o.v


        I paced back and forth in the house. Just waiting for Lexi to step in the door. I had a date tonight and I desperatley needed her help. The door started to open and my head snapped up. It was just Jay.

'' Oh, its you. '' I dropped my head and began to pace again.

'' I love you too. '' he threw his jacket on the coat rack.

'' Why so tense? '' he asked.

'' I have a date and I need Lexi's help. '' I muttered. He clicked his tongue.

'' I can help you. '' he offered. I looked him over and shook my head.

'' Sure you can... so why are you here? '' I changed the subject.

'' Oh I just came to use your bathroom. '' he rolled his eyes.

'' Then go. '' I motioned. He groaned.

'' Ya, ya I stopped by just to crap in your toilet. Hm.. '' he went into the kitchen. I went after him. He was bent over rummaging through the fridge. He picked up moms energy drink.

'' I suggest you dont drink that. '' I leaned against the doorway and crossed my arms.

'' Why not? '' he unscrewed the top already.

'' Our mom drinks that to stay awake. It's like 10 percent more effective then coffee. But if you wanna bounce of the walls be my guest. '' I chuckled. He was already chugging it down. Idiot. Only 5 minutes later his pupils got bigger and he was eating every sugar he could find.

'' O my gosh this is great, great, just great! '' he chugged a pack of gushers down. I grabbed him by the shoulders.

'' Um, I think you've had enough sugar. '' I pulled out the chair and shoved him in it.

'' NO!!! '' he got back up and looked for more sugar.

'' You know your sugar drunk, right? '' I smiled.

'' Wah? '' he turned around with a fruit rollup hanging out of his mouth. I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder.

'' Uh, your sugar drunk and if you keep eating your gunna be a fatty. '' I roughly patted his stomache.

'' I need an advil.. '' he went into the den and flopped on the couch. I brought him a pill and water which he swallowed quickly. I locked the pantry and put the key in my pocket. Finally the door opened. I darted to it.

'' Finally! I need your help! And once your done with me, your bf is sugar drunk in the den. '' I grabbed her wrist and tugged her up to my room.

'' What do you need my help with? And what did you give to Jay? '' she said pulling her hair in a ponytail. I explained everything and she laughed. Watever. She went inside my walk in closet and came back out with a nice outfit. It was a black blazer, white solid oxford, jeans, and my black 50 lopez shoes. Good enough anyways. I put in on and brushed my teeth. When I came out Lexi studied me.

'' Nice, but sit down. I'm gunna mess with your hair. '' she pushed my shoulder down. She put gell in it and flipped it around with a comb. I looked at myself in the mirror. Nice. Next she sniffed each bottles of my cologne. I'm not sure which she picked but she lightly splashed some on my neck.

'' Hm, your good. '' finally.

'' Thanks. Now uh, you might wanna take care of Jay. He had a energy drink. '' I walked out of the room. She groaned and ran down the stairs. Off to my date I go.


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