Author: Cazzadee Pascal Stone

Chapter 1
Germany Week one

Day one


I walked in to the toy store with my little siblings and saw the most beautiful person ever. He walked over and greeted me in German. Then, he said "Hello, I'm Amon". "I'm Celly." I said. I studied his flawless features. He had perfectly blue eyes and blonde hair. He was the most perfect thing I have ever seen. My siblings started running through the toy store and playing. I walked into the toy store and Amon offered me a drink. I took it and went with him to the counter to sit down.

"You're not from here." Amon promptly said. "You're right. I'm from The United States.Our father is here on a work trial, if he likes it after two months we'll stay." I said. "I hope you stay, I think we could get along really well." Amon said "Where are you staying?" Amon asked getting up to get another drink. "We're renting a house not far from here. I don't speak German so I'm not sure of the name." I said. "I know which one. This town's not very big and there's maybe three houses for rent anytime, and only one close by." Amon said. "Where do you live?" I asked. "Here. The old toy maker adopted me when I was a baby." Amon said. "I wish I lived here. I'd never get bored." I said. "You don't get bored, but you get lonely." Amon said. I heard one of the siblings yelling and I got up to check on them. Amon followed me to them. They were just screaming in delight as they found stuff. "I close up around five." Amon said. "Do you mind if I come and keep you company?" He asked. "No. You can come and have dinner." I said. I looked at my watch it was around four thirty. I directed the siblings to the counter. I paid for their pile of toy and Amon followed us out the door. He turned and locked it. "Won't hurt to close early." He said. He grabbed my hand we walked up the side walk. I walked onto the porch and unlocked our door. We walked in and the siblings were running over each other to rip open their new toys.

Amon and I went up the stairs to my bedroom. We walked in and turned on the T.V. . "How old are you?" Amon asked. "Fourteen and you?" I said. "Seventeen." He said. "Do you have a mother?" He asked. "No. She left us a year ago." I said. "Oh." He said. "Did it bother you I held you hand today?" He asked. "No. I liked it." I said. "Can I kiss you?" He asked. I nodded and he promptly kissed me. Then, he turned and started to watch the news. "I can't understand this." I said. "Well, we can turn it off and go mind the children." He said. "How about you just tell me about it." I said and sat on my bed. He sat beside me and kissed me again. "What time does your dad come home?" He asked me. "At seven." I said. "Don't you make dinner?" He asked. I nodded. I went to get up and he grabbed my hand. I sat back down and we began to make out, when my little brother yelled "Eww." I jumped up and chased him down the hall. Amon came and grabbed me. "It's okay." I heard him whisper. I went limp in his arms. I ran back to my room and he followed. "I'm so sorry-" I began. "No it's fine." Amon said and grabbed me in embrace. "We better start on dinner."I said. "Yeah, I guess we should." Amon said. I could tell he was expecting alot more than what he got from me.

Dad came home ate and went to sleep. Amon stayed with me, instead of leaving after dinner. I put the siblings to sleep and we went to my room. "Are you staying?" I asked. "If you want me to." He said. I nodded. I flopped on my bed and turned on the T.V. . Amon flopped down next to me. "What are they saying?" I asked. "Nothing really." He said. I love his accent. It's so smooth and beautiful. I carefully craweled to the head of the bed to lay next to him. He put his arm around me. "Why are you staying?" I asked. "Because I want to. If that's okay with you." He said. "Yes. It is." I said. "Why are you letting me?" He asked. "I like you." I said. "Really? I don't hear that. Everyone here thinks I'm a Natzi freak. I was apart of a project Hitler's followers continued after he killed himself. They ran short of funding and I was released to an orphanage. I wasn't there long though. The toy maker came and adopted me. He raised me in the toy shop. Now machines make all the toys, but he taught me how to make them." He just sorta blurbed out. "Wow!" I said. I laid my head on his chest and listened to him breath. "Do you mind if I just fall asleep here?" I asked. "No. Not at all. I'd love to wake up to you there." He said and smiled. "Don't you think that we moved super quick?" I asked. "Love is fast and lasts forever." He said looking down at me smiling. I dug my nose into his chest.





     Day 2


I woke up when Amon went to get up. He had to open the toy store. "Come up later." Amon said. He picked up his boots in his hands and crept out my door. The T.V. was still on, but it was on mute. I looked at the clock and it was nine. I was just waiting for a kid to pop in my room. I fell back asleep and woke up when the kids did. I told them to get ready that we were going to the toy store all day. Their little eyes about popped out of their heads. They had been begging me to take them to the toy store for two weeks, yesterday I just broke down. There is six little children, and they are all under nine. Most people would've ran away by now.

I fed them and we walked to the toy store. They we're running wild inside that place. Amon and I slipped into the backroom where he lived. There were magazine clippings of German news and cartoons. "Home sweet home." He said smiling. He walked over to a bed and sat down. I went over to look at it. It was a twin bed, so it wasn't near as big as mine. I sat down and he put his arm on my shoulder. "How in the world do we get along and like each other after one day?" I asked. "I've seen you before. " Amon said . "Really?" I asked. "Yes, you were outside writing in a book. You do it everyday around closing. I would sit and watch you." Amon said blushing.  "I've never seen you before." I said. "People prefer that around here." He said. "I don't." I said. "See this is why we get along so well. After one day and I love you already." He said and kissed me. He is taller than I am so he had to lean way down, which he never complained about.

We sat around the shop all day until closing. He locked up and came home with us again. It was just like the day before, except that night we listened to music.  We started getting really close that night.


     Day three


We were sleeping half naked curled up the next morning when I heard something. I opened my eyes and looked at Amon. He was talking in his sleep. He was talking in German so I didn't understand a thing. He was sweating all over and his face twitched. He shrieked and I covered his mouth. He immediately flipped over on me and pinned my hands down. I screamed and he let go. "I'm so sorry I thought you were someone in my dream." He said. "You we're talking in your sleep." I said. "I was?" He asked. "Yes, in German. You shrieked and I covered you mouth and you flipped over and pinned me down." I said. "I'm so sorry. Sometimes I have bad dreams of the time before I got to the orphanage. It was horrible." He said. I rolled back over and laid on his chest. "It's okay." I said. "You're safe here." I said. "No you're safe here. No one will ever hurt you or your family like I was hurt. I was born to an extremely young mother. She was about thirteen, and I don't have a clue who was my father. I love you and I want you to know I'll fight to the end." He said. "I love you too." I said. I looked at the clock and it was three. "Do you work on Sunday?" I asked. "No." He said. "Well then, we can sleep in." I said and snuggled to him. He put his arm around me and I fell asleep.




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