♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 34
Jays p.o.v my singing

                                                          Jays p.o.v


    The way she seemed so relieved when I told her, made me know, I chose the right decision. I didn't notice I was doodiling on my paper until Chase threw a paper ball at me. I uncrumpled it. It read: u hav a dreamy expression on ur face. Wipe it off its givin me the creeps. I stuffed it in my backpack and repeatedly tapped my pen on my desk.

'' Mr. Gould. '' the teacher, Mr. Masoe called. I dropped my pen and looked at him.

'' Ya -- yes? '' I cleared my throat.

'' I would appreciate it if you payed attention and stopped beating your pen like a drum. And must we go over this again? It's yes sir. Show some respect Mr. Gould. '' he lectured.

'' Yes sir. '' I mumbled.

'' Mr. Gould, since your so interested in your pen, how about you write me a few sentences about what we just went over. '' he smiled like a devil. I ran my hand through my hair and picked my pen back up. Luckily class was over.

'' I expect that paper tomorrow morning, Mr. Gould. '' Mr Masoe yelled as I walked down the hall. Bull. Chase caught up with me. He walked silently before mumbling something.

'' So uh, I was thinkin, I should get to know Lexi better. '' he dug his hands in his pockets.

'' Uh ok. She went to the hospital this morning. I'm not sure if she's back. '' I shrugged.

'' Hospital? What did she do this time? '' he flipped his black hair.

'' Broke her hand. Well some dude stepped on it but, same thing. ''

'' Hm right. So you gunna come watch us play baseball later? '' he asked. I used to play baseball. Up until the accident anyways. I was heading home. It didn't seem like anybody could stop me. I was on fire. Not literally of course. Some guy named Creek Shaw jabbed in front of me unexpectedly. His leg was stretched out and I was running to fast. I tripped and flew and tumbled through the air. From somewhere the ball  slammed straight into my neck. I tumbled and twisted and fell on other players. I broke a rib, my wrist, foot, and had a major bruise on my neck. I still have a scar where the bruise was. After that, my parents forbidded me to play baseball. I sighed outwardly.

'' Nah, I have to babysit Leah, '' I lied. He shrugged and we got in the lunch line. Someone tapped on my back.

'' What? '' I said over my shoulder.

'' Where's Lexi? '' a girls voice asked. I turned around. Maddy.

'' Eh, she broke her hand and went to get a cast. '' I turned back around. Chase snickered as he got a hotdog. I got a sloppy joe. She grabbed my shoulder and yanked me back in her direction.

'' What do you mean she broke her hand?! '' she said viciously.

'' Some guy -- ''

'' You better not have done it! '' she poked my chest. '' She's had enough injuries as it is! '' she poked my chest four more times. '' Cause I'm her friend and don't think -- '' when she went for the 5th poke I grabbed her small wrist.

'' Quit it. She's comin in the door now so leave me alone. '' I dropped her hand and went to my table. Dan, Shaun, and Chase sat beside me. Some other guys from the rugby team sat with us since Davey, Miller, and Adam no longer would be.



   I had to pick up Jamie from school today. Joy. I entered her big school. She was hanging out with her friends and a couple guys on the wall. I pulled up and rolled down the window.

'' Jamie! '' I yelled. She glanced at me, rolled her eyes, and kept talking. I stopped the car and got out. Stupid girl. '' Jamie, we gotta go. '' I said irritated.

'' In a few. Go wait in the car. '' she shoved me.

'' No, I'm not wasting my time waiting for you. I have things to do. ''

'' Leave her alone, man. '' the boy she was with stood up and faced me. He was strong but shorter then me.

'' Buzz of shorty. '' I pushed him backwards and grabbed Jamie's arm.

'' Hey Jay. '' her friend said.

'' Um hi. Bye. '' I dragged her to the car. She got in and angrily slammed the door.

'' Jay! How could you embaress me like that? '' she pouted. I moaned.

'' I don't want to sit around waiting for you. You have the rest of the day to talk on your phone. ''

'' I was only going to be a few minutes! '' she hissed.

'' Jamie, I don't give a damn. Were leaving so get over it. '' I pulled out of the school. She pouted and faced the window the whole way. '' Just be happy I didn't decide to leave you there like most brothers would do. '' I grumbled. She sniffled. Ugh.

'' Im sorry. '' she whispered.

'' It's ok. '' I sighed. I honestly didn't care about apoligies. She wept silently for some reason. I turned up the music hoping she would quiet down. But she turned it off and looked at me.

'' Jay, why do you sing in your sleep? '' she asked. Random.

'' I dunno. '' I rolled my eyes.

'' Cause, my teacher says, people usually do things in there sleep when somethings wrong or bothering them. '' she shifted her weight to the left.

'' Nothings bugging me. I've always done it. Supose I always will. '' I shrugged. We started pulling in the driveway.

'' Well I just wanted to say, I think you have the best singing voice I've ever heard in my life. '' she stepped out of the car and ran up the porch steps. Tsss singing.


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