♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 33
Eagles hell


   I was lost in thought as I walked across the parking lot. College was on my mind. Where should I go? Where would Free go? Where would Jay go? Me and Free have always done the same things together. What if I wanted to go to Notre Dame and he wanted to go to Princeton?

'' Hey look out! '' someone yelled. I screamed as I saw a car speeding my way. I darted out of the parking lot and didn't stop until I ran into somebody. I flew to the ground. My backpack flung another way. The guy yelped and accidentally crushed my hand with his foot.

'' Ah! '' I yelled.

'' Watch it! '' the guy yelled and left me holding my hand to my chest. It seemed the tighter I held it to my chest, the more I couldn't feel the pain. Someone put there hand on my back and crouched down. I was looking into Jays face.

'' Whats wrong? '' he asked.

'' Some guy crushed my hand. '' I shut my eyes tightly. He removed my hand carefully and gently pulled the hurt one into his view.

'' Hate to tell you this but I think he broke your hand. '' he ran his cold fingers over my hand. I was biting my lip hard and trying not to burst into tears. '' Lexi, breathe. '' Jay said. I let out the breathe I didn't know I was holding in. '' C'mon, let's get you to the nurse. '' he helped me up and grabbed my backpack off of the ground. On the way over we passed Miller.

'' Eagles hell. '' he hissed at us.

'' Eagles hell. '' I said back. Jay glared him and we walked into the nurse's. She was a petite women. With very pale skin. She had brown hair and bright red lipstick that was definiteley not her color. Her voice was always a paranoid tone and she was only in her 30's.

'' Well, well, well what happened to you? '' she popped the gum in her mouth.

'' I think I broke my hand. '' I said as she grabbed it hard. '' Ow! '' I clenched my teeth.

'' Oh get over it honey. Everyone's life in this school sucks. '' she spit her gum in the trash.

'' Well is it broken or what? '' I asked ignoring her insensitivity.

'' Child, let me do my job and stob jabbering. '' she patted my cheek hard.

'' No lady, my hand is broken. Give me a school excuse so I can go get a cast. '' I yanked my arm away from her.

'' Naughty child. Naughty child. '' she shook her head.

'' And to think I just got my other cast off last month. '' I groaned. The dare bandages were removed the week before Christmas break. The cast's and stitches were removed and left little scars. She handed me a slip. Finally. We walked out of there.

'' Sorry, I wish I could come with you, but my mom would kill me if I miss another day. ''

'' It's ok. Good thing I didn't break both my hands or I couldn't drive. '' I smirked.

'' Listen, I've been thinking. I don't care that my friends don't like I changed. So we good? '' he asked. I felt everything inside me untighten.

'' Ya were good. '' I pulled the dogtag off over my head and held it out to him.

'' You can hold onto it for awhile. '' he winked and put it back over my head. Translation: I want you to have it. I smiled and read it over and over. Your my #1.

'' I'll be back at school in a couple hours. Try not to miss me. ''

'' Not gunna happen. Your always on my mind. Even when your with me. '' he gently picked up my hurt hand and ever so gently, kissed it. I could only grin like an idiot all the way to my truck. Maybe it was more than just liking him. Maybe just maybe, it was love. As I started the engine with difficulty the song he sang came into my head.


Tell me what you think, tell me what you feel
Is this thing a fake, or is it for real
Is it what you hoped for, what you dreamed
Is it something strange, that you never seen

Does it lift you up, closer to the light
Does it send you raging into the night
Where did it begin, will it ever end
Where the sun sets and the river bends.


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