♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 32
WHAT THE HELL? ??!?!?!


       The sound of rain and thunder woke me up. A gloomy day for school. Yay. After taking a shower and refreshing myself I peeked in Free's room. Not there. But his window was open. I shut it and locked it so the rain wouldn't drench his room. I went down the stairs and into the kitchen. Mom was watching t.v. and mencing veggies at the same time. I joined her and menced tomatoes.

'' Hey. '' she smiled and sipped her coffee.

'' Morning. Why arn't you at work? '' I asked. She looked tired and distraught. A outward sigh came from her and her shoulders sagged.

'' They said I should have the day off. I don't have a horse appointment till later. '' she sighed again. Mom was a veterinarian and a horse farrier. A farrier is a person who gives a horse new shoes, trims feet, ect, in case you were wondering. Both jobs payed a lot of money. Dad worked in the auto department. But he's locked up for now. Mom sighed again. Damn.

'' Whats wrong? '' is what she wanted me to ask.

'' Well, its just that, I barely get to spend time with you two. And your turning 18 in 2 months. You'll be leaving. We won't need this big house anymore. '' she started crying. I am not good at comforting. Weird in many ways but I let her rest her head on my shoulder as she wept.

'' It's ok. I'm still here. Were all still her. Me and Free arn't going to move to some far away place and never keep contact. Or keep your grandchildren away. '' I said. She chuckled at the last part and recomposed herself.

'' Sorry about that. It's just been running through my mind a lot lately. '' she wiped the smeared mascara off of her face with her apron. I checked the clock.

'' Oh I gotta get to school. ''

'' No you don't. Schools closed today. The power went out and wont be on till later. '' she smiled briefly. YES!!! I did a little dance and shoved a slice of banana in my mouth. She laughed and went back to mencing.

'' So I was wondering if you wanted to come to the horse appointment with me today. '' she cleared her throat. Well I have nothing better to do. My boyfriends thinking, my friends are somewhere.

'' Sounds good to me. I'll ask Free too. Where is he anyways? '' I asked.

'' Isn't he sleeping? '' she asked.

'' No, I went in his room and his window was open. '' I shrugged. I took out my cellphone and called him. Ring. Ring. Ring. Answer.

'' Hello? '' a strange voice said.

'' Hello? Who is this? '' I asked suspicious.

'' You dont need to know. I'm assuming this is Lexi. ''

'' Where is Free? '' I ran into the other room so mom couldn't hear.

'' Hes... busy at the moment. But I suggest you come down here to get him. '' he mumbled. My heart stopped.

'' What.. what have you done to him? '' I almost whispered.

'' Nothing. Yet. Come to the Red Caboose Park. Don't call the police or bad things happen. '' then the line cut off. Wtf?! I felt myself trembling. One part of me screamed to stay. The other part screamed to help Free.

'' Mom, F.. F.. Free needs me to get him. '' I said as I pulled on a rain jacket.

'' Where is he? '' she asked.

'' His friends. I'll be back later. '' I ran upstairs and grabbed the ceramic pocket knife off of Free's desk. I got the pepper spray out of my drawer and ran outside. The rain hit me hard and I could feel my makeup running. I decided I needed help. I wasn't going to bring my car cause they would see me coming. I stuffed the knife and spray in my pockets and ran to the first persons house that came to my mind.


Jays p.o.v


   I was watching t.v. when the door rang.

'' I got it. '' I yelled through the house. I opened the door. It was Lexi. She was pale as a ghost and fear was spread across her face. '' Lexi whats wrong? '' I grabbed her arm and pulled her inside. Her hands were trembiling and I barely heard what she said. She told me everything that happened in the last hour.

'' Shh. I'll go and get him. You stay here. '' I tried to lead her to the couch but she refused.

'' No. They told me to come. If I dont come bad things happen. '' she shivered.

'' Alright. '' I mumbled.

'' Here. '' she took a sharp ceramic pocket knife out of her pocket and handed it to me.

'' You'll need it more than me. '' I said. She shook her head and dug out a bottle of pepper spray. Nice.

'' Ready? '' she asked. I nodded and we went out the door.

'' Wheres your car? ''

'' I walked here. I decided if I drove my truck they would see me coming. I wanna see if I can find Free first. '' she said. Still, the parks a long way from here on foot.

'' We'll take my moms car. '' I went back inside and grabbed her keys. We got in and drove to the park.


Lexi's p.o.v


     I was relieved Jay came with me. Otherwise I would be crying and peeing in my pants. He stopped the car behind tall bushes. The thunder and rain and now lighting were slashing down. I saw a teen waiting outside of one of the parks playground things that had a roof. He was to far away to make out who he was.

'' I'm guessing he's inside there. '' Jay said. No duh.

'' Mhmm. Let's go. '' we walked straight towards the teen. He saw us approaching and yelled at someone inside the fort thing.

'' No way, is that Miller? '' Jay mumbled. I looked closely. My God it was. I tightned my grip on the pepper spray. When Miller saw Jay with me his expression was horrified.

'' Jay... man.. what are you doing here? ''

'' I was wondering the exact same thing. '' he said.

'' What did she tell you? '' he hissed.

'' Some goon nagged her brother. I'm guessing thats you. '' Jay glared at him. I saw Free's hair in the back of the little thing and darted inside. While Miller kept Jay outside. I heard him yell.

'' Miller! Dude what are you doing? '' I ran towards Free.

'' Lexi what the hell are you doing here? '' Free whispered with anger.

'' I could ask you the same thing. Whats going on here? ''

'' Honestly I have no idea. All I know is that Jays 3 friends grabbed me and tied me up in here. Pretty childish if you ask me. '' he shrugged and chuckled. Then 2 more guys came out. Which was Davey and Adam. Davey pushed me to the ground.

'' Lets get this straight before Jay burst in here. '' Adam said.

'' Listen. Leave Jay alone. Stop messing with his head. You changed him and now he's different -- ''

'' Woah, woah, you mean to tell me, you kidnapped my brother and dragged me out here worried sick just to tell me THIS? '' I yelled.

'' It's suposed to seem more threatining. '' Adam chuckled darkly.

'' You are a load of bull! Why didn't you just tell me this at school? For heaven sakes! '' I stood up. '' This is so stupid! Where did you get this idea? Lord of the Rings or something?! Bull! Just a load of bull! '' I spat in there faces. Davey pushed me to the ground again and my head slammed into the back of the wall. I clenched my teeth and rubbed my head.

'' Watch it ass hole! '' Free yelled. His hands were handcuffed behind his back and he had some weird easily breakable thing around his legs. I sprayed the pepper spray in there eyes. They fell on the ground and screamed. I snatched the key from there hands and undid the handcuffs. And used the key to slice the rope thing. Free grabbed my wrist and darted for the door. He pushed past Miller and grabbed Jays shirt and we all ran to his car.



'' What the hell was that about? '' Free asked.

'' I dont know. The whole situation is bogus and pointless. '' I threw my hands in the air.

'' I'm not hanging with those 3 anymore. '' Jay snorted.

'' There messed up! Calling me like that and having us run down there all mysteriously. I mean come on! They need to grow up! '' I kicked the dashboard of the car. '' That is just bizarre! And they try to sound all creepy! What is this a movie? '' I rolled my eyes. They nodded.

'' Well at least it was an exiteing morning. '' Jay shrugged.

'' Sure. I just love worrying my ass off and realize its idiots threatining me. '' I snorted. We finally reached our house. We said bye and thanked Jay for helping us. Then we went inside, wet and cranky.

'' Where have you two been? '' mom asked.

'' Sonic. '' was the first thing that came to my mind.

'' Oh ok. Go take showers before you catch a cold. '' she commanded. No need to argue. We marched upstairs.

'' Thanks for coming to get me anyways. '' Free said before he shut the door to his bathroom. Ugh idiots. I put my hand up to my chest and grabbed for the dogtag. I read it again. Your my #1.


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