An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 13
Angel's Lake

     The sun reflected off of the lake while I sat on the dock. Everything looked beautiful, the sun made the water's surface look like a million diamonds. My toes made ripples pulse throughout the water, sending small waves to the center. This was a dream that usually replayed itself to me, but nothing ever happened; I just sat on the edge of that dock, and watched the sun set. There was something creepy about the dream this time, though. The trees were bare, even though the sun was shining, and at the moment, I was warm.
     That's when the sun began to descend, all too quickly. A chilling shudder passed through my body, but other than that, no other movement happened. Everything stopped, the sun hanging directly above a tree. An unexpected flash occurred, blinding me because my limbs refused to move. There he stood, like an angel carved out of ivory and ebony. His back was to me. I saw his head turn, but the sun shadowed his face. Another flash, then Angel was standing in the middle of the pond. The sun had set in a matter of seconds, leaving behind an icy chill accompanied by darkness. There seemed to be a glow emanating from Angel, pulsing in a rhythmic way.
     A blood-curdling scream ripped through the air. My mind willed me to get up and run away, but my body still remained on that dock. Angel tipped his head upward, as if he were expecting a storm. Another flash. After my vision recovered, my eyes focused on Angel. Standing in front of Angel was a woman. Her face was shadowed, but I could tell she was beautiful. Her hair was the color of corn silk, cascading down her shoulders. Her skin was- remarkably- paler than Angel's. "It is so great to meet you once again," Her voice was even more beautiful than Angel's, "It seems you have brought a guest, though." Her once melodic voice now sounded harsh with... anger? No, it wasn't that. Jealousy, that's what it was.
     Angel sensed it, too. "Do not fret; I've called her here for a reason."
     She placed her hand on his cheek. "Are we killing her?" She sounded almost pleased at the idea. Actually, she sounded a lot more than just pleased at the idea.
     "No, she is my charge. I would never lay a hand upon her."
     He voice was harsh again, "You are a liar. You have already placed your hands upon her. More than once if I recall correctly." She pulled her hand away, probably leaving scratches. "Ah, but she has another boy."
     Angel twitched, and his body tensed. Now his voice was harsh, yet level at the same time, "I know, still it is none of my concern."
     "You care more than you let on. For that, you will pay heavily."
     Had they not been in the middle of a lake, Angel probably would've got down on his knees. "No, please don't. I love you. There is nobody else I will ever look at, or touch. She is simply a charge, nothing more." Somewhere in the pit of my stomach, I felt sick, and hurt.
     The woman placed her hand on Angel's face once again. "No more of this, then?" With her other hand, she motioned vaguely towards me.
     "You know that my job is not finished, but soon it will be over. I promise." Angel wrapped his arms around her, his wings folding over his arms. With that, I jolted up. My alarm clock was buzzing.
     Great, I thought, spring break was over, and you're still having freaky-ass dreams. Lately, my thoughts had been of Zander and Ephraim and what would happen at school. Maybe Zander would lay off a bit. I highly doubted that. Maybe Ephraim would be absent. Possibly, but I doubted that, too. I pulled on a pair of dark gray shorts, an A Static Lullaby shirt, and black flip-flops. The bus was just blundering up the road when I walked out of the door. "Good morning, Jazz." Zander was wide awake, and as I suspected, he didn't lay off. He gave me a long kiss, until the kid in front of us cleared his throat. We both mumbled apologies, my face warm from embarrassment.
      Zander and I talked while I silently hoped that Ephraim would be absent. Melanie and Blythe were at my locker after Zander left. "Bitches are talking again." Melanie said.
      I laughed at her hostility. "About?"
      Blythe spoke, "You and Zander making out in the back of the bus again."
      I bit my lip before responding, "Um, that might be 'cause we were."
      "What?!" They both shrieked.
      "I said 'That might be-"
      Melanie talked again, "I know what you said, I meant what do you mean?"
      "It's kind of self explanatory, isn't it?"
      "What happened to Ephraim?" Blythe asked.
      I shrugged and rushed to class. The classes were just blurs of numbers, words, and boredom. On the bright side, there was no sign of Ephraim. Lunch was next, part of my mind was dreading seeing Zander, the rest of me about to explode with excitement. Melanie was talking to Gabe about the date they had planned for that evening. Blythe and I were talking about a book that was coming out soon. We all stopped talking when Zander came over, though. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, highly aware of the teachers watching. "How's your day been, Jazz?" I could almost hear Blythe and Melanie's eyebrows rising.
      "Eh, school," I continued, "How about your day?"
      "Better now." He smiled. Everything seemed less awkward, and we all started talking. That was something that I was highly grateful for. 


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