Sound Of Silence
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 21
Sound Of Silence by Rose Hala



Debbie prepared a breakfast tray, letting Stan sleep. He should be tired. How many times had they made love last night, three or four, maybe more? She put on her black teddy and carried the tray to the nightstand before crawling back into bed next to him. He was going to get breakfast in bed like he had never gotten before.

“ How did you know I was hungry again?” he said when he felt her move in next to him. She knew he wasn’t talking about the tray. He kissed her deeply, playing with her nipple through the lace. Debbie moaned into his mouth and arched her back as his tongue replaced his fingertips on the hardened tip.

She let him enjoy himself before she inched her lips from his neck to the insides of his thighs. “Baby, I’m going to explode too soon if you keep this up.”

It was the reaction she was looking for. As she raised her leg to straddle him, he pulled open the snaps in the crotch of the teddy. Sweat glistened on her skin as she gave him the ride of his life. As one crescendo led into the next, Stan straightened her legs on top of his own and rolled them over. Now, he lead their dance and broke into a sweat. Within seconds in they were both spent. Their coffee was no longer hot but it didn’t matter. They enjoyed it anyway as they lay together. Soon they would be showered and dressed and in the main house and then memories of the past hours might be all she had left.


Cathy B inspected her handiwork. Not bad. Stan looked as much like Daniel as he was going to. Luckily, his build was similar and he could fit one of Daniel’s Armani suits. If Stan was asked to sing for some ridiculous reason, he could claim a clause in his Choir Boys contract that didn’t allow him to sing outside the group. Mac knew Mickey was a shrewd businessman and this would make sense to him.

Cathy had only just finished Stan’s hair with gel and spray and, already, Stan couldn’t wait to wash that shit out. He felt like a bloody fairy, but had to admit she’d done a fine job. Her last request was that he turn slowly so she could take a final look. It all had to be as good as she could get it and one final time she traced the connection to the small transmitter embedded in the fake jade ring on Stan’s finger. Cathy was actually pleased with the result. It was time to face the audience who were waiting it the living room to see the ‘new Daniel’ emerge. 

Stan hated this. Parading around looking like a pretty boy in front of his peers and, especially, his girlfriend. Hell, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d even worn a suit during the day; it was probably to a damn funeral.

“Mon Dieu !” Samuel shook his head when they walked into the living room. “ You look amazing.”

“Good God.” Utah looked shell shocked.

Carl looked from Daniel to Stan and back again several times.

“Wow, my new brother almost looks better than the old one. Maybe we’ll just keep him instead,” he said with a grin.

“I was a bit doubtful at first, but this might just work. Well done, you lot,” complimented Mac.

Daniel, who had been quiet so far, shook Stan’s hand.

“Thanks, Man. I really appreciate this. I want you to know that I’m fully aware that this isn’t part of the job.”

“We do what we have to do. I’ll feel a lot better when your family is back together.”

“It’s 7.30. Let’s go.” Mac announced as he looked at his watch. Leaving now would give them an hour to travel unrushed and leeway in the time line to put things in place.

Janey would be on her Harley at one of the school entrances and Cathy B at the other in her red Corvette. That would be the tail Mickey would expect. If he tried to dodge the ‘Vette, the Harley would pick up the slack.

“Damn it!” Mac thumped the dashboard of his car. He had been watching from a driveway across the street for the past ninety minutes and there was no sign of the kidnappers or their hostages. What the hell kind of game was Mickey playing?

In the meantime, in a motel across town, Annie was watching the clock. It was 8:30 and time to put their ingenious plan together. These guys could never be allowed to get their hands on Daniel.

Annie held the sheet like she had jumped out of bed in a hurry and waited for the nod from Maggie behind the door that she was ready with the omelet pan.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh.” Annie gave the scream all she had. The creep who had hit Rachel was first through the door. Annie was pointing under the bed.

“Ahhhhhh. A huge bug! Kill it!!”

He knelt to see what the fuss was about and Mickey filled the doorway. As he stepped into the room Maggie went into action. She brought the omelet pan down on his head at the same time Annie threw the sheet over the guy on his knees. Mickey staggered and Maggie hit him again. He dropped like a stone.

“Maggie, get this one, too. He’s starting to untangle himself.”

Maggie smacked him once and once again and then a third for good measure.

“This is for Rachel, you no good rat.”

Both men were out cold. 

“ Keep your frying pan aimed while I find something to tie them with. We need to hurry and let the family know we’re okay.”

There was nothing in the room that would work but then Annie had an idea. Gingerly, she reached into Mickey’s pocket hoping to find the keys to the car. She was in luck. She felt even luckier when the trunk yielded masking tape. It would hold them and shut them up at the same time.

“Maggie, make sure they can breath.” From the neck up, the men looked like mummies.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. They have all the breathing space they’re going to get. If it’s not enough, too bad.”

They had worked quickly and finished just as the two captives were beginning to stir.

“Hmm ummmph umm ummm ummph...??” What was over his mouth? What the hell had happened? One minute they were getting ready for the exchange and the next they were bound and gagged by two old woman.

 Mickey was never going to live this one down, not that he would probably have long to live anyway. He was already a walking dead man in the eyes of The Ring for refusing to take the fall and do the prison time.

“What are you mumbling about? You better not be getting smart with Maggie.” She shook the omelet pan at him.

Mickey put his head back and groaned. A bloody frying pan? He, one of the top men in the Vegas Mafia Organization had been done over by two old ladies and a frying pan. This was just embarrassing now.

Mickey’s flunky was vigorously moving his head from side to side and slowly loosening up the tape,

“ You’d better stop that bloomin’ wriggling or you’ll get another dose of Maggie’s medicine. Hey! I’m warning you. Cut that out. Okay, you asked for it.” Maggie gave him another whack. The crack of the pan was extremely loud in the quiet room. Mickey knew he’d be next if he made one move so stayed still and tried to figure a way out of this. He had gotten out of tighter spots and then he tried to move his hands. Well, maybe not this tight a spot.

“Jesus, Maggie, you’re going to kill the guy if you carry on.”

“Nah, no brain, no pain.” Maggie chuckled at her joke and the laugh was infectious. Annie chuckled right along with her.

Hell. These women were crazy! Mickey was going to have to be wary of the feisty older one, but she’d get hers when he was free. He would sort that bitch out, and split her skull with that damn frying pan.

They were way behind scheduled and had to find a phone. Annie didn’t trust the one in the room. This wasn’t a matter for the local police. Stepping outside, she spotted a phone booth outside motel office.


“Oh, Darling. Sweetheart, it’s me.”

“Annie? Are you ok? What happened? Mac’s been waiting for you for two hours.”

“We’ve managed to get free," Annie said, whispering even in the seclusion of the booth. “We’re at the motel just off the highway, not far from the school. Someone needs to come and get us. Let Daniel know we’re ok. I’m dying to wrap my arms around you all.”

I’ll call Mac, the guys insisted on going so they’re there, too, in my car. You’ll be able to hug your boy sooner than you think.” Bruce swallowed hard, his eyes were moist with relief as he continued. “I missed you last night, Annie. Thank God you are alright. I….” Annie, close to tears herself, interrupted

“I know, Honey. I know. We’ll catch up later. The two men are wrapped in duct tape and Maggie’s standing guard with a new frying pan. I have to get back, they were semi-alert when I left her.”

“Semi alert?”

“They’re lucky they’re doing that well. Please hurry.” With that Annie was gone.

Mac’s phone kept ringing into voice mail. Bruce didn’t know that the agents had turned off their cell phones to communicate with small radio microphones until he got through to Daniel who had stayed in the car at Mac’s insistence. As they had pre-arranged, Daniel flicked the headlights and Mac came running. It was unbelievable. Two woman had done what a whole team of law enforcement officers had failed to do.


Four agents were in position outside the motel doorway. Mac was just about to kick through the door when it opened and Maggie walked out with Annie.

At the sight of his mother, Daniel jumped out of the car. She ran towards him and was swept up in a bear hug.

“Oh, Son. I can’t tell you how good it feels to hold you.”

“Trust me, Mum. I know.”

.Within minutes, agents were escorting the prisoners into the daylight. Neither man resisted. The blows to their heads had knocked them into submission. Mickey wasn’t hurting as bad as his idiot partner but it was useless to struggle with his wrists tethered by tape and an agent clamped to each arm. He would eventually give it a shot but he’d wait until the odds were a bit more in his favor.

From the look of those waiting for them, especially the one with the wavy hair and green eyes, he knew they were about to get it good.

“Maggie?” She knew right away what Samuel was asking and pointed to the younger of the two men. She had waited hours for this.

“Go easy, Man. The guy can’t fight back.”

Samuel looked at him.

“Do you think Rachel could fight back, Mac? The bastard’s twice her size.” Sam was right.

“ Cut that tape, Cathy. Let’s see what a big man he is now.”

“This is police brutality. I’m going to sue you for…OOMPH.” The man staggered back as Samuel’s fist hit him in the stomach. Before he could recover, Samuel hit him again, on the jaw this time. Blood spurted from the side of his mouth as he went down.

“Get up, you bastard. I’m not finished with you yet.”

“Don’t forget us, Brother. We want a piece of this.” Watching the guy lurch to his feet, Samuel stepped back.

“ He’s all yours.” He said to Carl.

Mac knew to let this happen. This was rough justice at it’s most raw and sometimes it was all they had. How many times had he seen lowlifes go free because they belonged to fat cats who hired slimy lawyers and got off on technicalities or loopholes or because witnesses were scared.

The guy was bleeding and down for the count. There were sore knuckles all round but each Choir Boy was wearing a huge smile. In a circle, they raised their arms and joined fists. It was a job well done.

Mickey hadn’t uttered a sound. He wasn’t stupid. One word and it would have been his turn. No, he would go quietly for now. The trick in this game was timing. The time would come when they would all get theirs, especially that old battleaxe with the god damn frying pan.



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