♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 31
Lost my cool?

I slammed the car door shut and slung my backpack over my shoulder. I walked around the school until I found my friends in the gym bleachers. They were all leaning in and talking. I slung my backpack on the ground and slid in next to Dan and Adam.

'' Hey. '' I said. They all stared at me with dissapointed expressions on there faces.

'' Hey... Jay. '' Shaun finally said.

'' Whats up with the looks? '' I asked. Nobody answered. Instead Chase got up and tugged my shirt. I got up and we walked to the corner of the gym.

'' Listen man, the guys think you've lost... '' he cut off. But he didn't have to finish. I could tell what he was trying to say. Damn.

'' I know. I know I haven't exactly been myself lately. '' I dug my hands into my pockets.

'' Right. The guys just think.. '' he shrugged.

'' That I'm not the same guy anymore? I'm still Jay. Still dare devil boy. ''

'' No, no your not. Your not yourself at all. It's like doctors operated your brain and forgot to put back in the most important part. '' he sighed.

'' So? I've changed a bit. Big whoop. '' I glanced at the rest of the group. They were all watching us and whispering.

'' No, you've changed a lot. And not for the better. ''

'' Fine. I-- I can be me again. ''

'' Good boy. '' he patted my cheek. I smacked it away. He chuckled and we knuckle touched.


Lexi's p.o.v


    I looked everywhere for him. Where is he? I could call him but I'm not that desperate. I walked around the school. Nothing. I decided to look in the gym. Bingo. He was sitting in the bleachers laughing with his friends.

'' Jay. '' I called and walked over to them. They all turned there heads. Half of them glared at me. The other half had no expression. Jay grabbed my shoulder and walked me away from them.

'' Ya? '' he asked in an anoid tone.

'' Hey. I havn't talked to you in awhile. '' I said. I looked over his shoulder and saw his friends listening to us.

'' Um ya. Don't you have friends to talk to or something? '' he snapped. What the hell?

'' Ya, but I wanted to see you. ''

'' Well leave me alone. I'll see you later. '' he bit his lip. Ouch that hurt.

'' Whats wrong with you? '' I took a step away from him. There was hurt in his eyes. Like he was regretting every word he was saying to me right now. He ran his hand through his hair.

'' I don't know. '' he sighed and dropped his hands to his sides.

'' Well when you wanna talk to me. Come and find me. '' I turned to walk away. He grabbed my arm and turned me around.

'' Wait. '' he put his hands at his neck and undid a necklace he was wearing. It was a dogtag. He handed it to me. I looked at the black metal in my hands. On it was carved,Your my #1.

'' My dad gave it to me when I hit my first home run. '' he said. I ran it through my fingers and stroked the words. '' I need some time to think. '' he began. Oh no. '' So while i'm trying to figure myself out, I want you to wear it. '' His eyes pleaded. I smiled gently at him and put it around my neck. He sighed in relief and smiled at me.

'' See ya around. '' I gently touched his arm. He kissed the top of my head and went back to his friends. I wasn't sure if I should be sad, mad, or hurt. He gave me something important to him. The feeling of curiosity came over me instead.



   The little medal ran through my fingers as I walked to my car. I heard Cassie calling my name. She popped up beside me and smiled at the dogtag.

'' I knew it! I knew I saw a new necklace on you! '' she clapped her hands and examined the metal.

'' Yup. It's Jays. Hes letting me wear it for awhile. ''

'' No way! What do you mean for awhile? '' she let go off it and it fell on my chest.

'' He says he needs time to figure himself out. Whatever that means. '' I shrugged.

'' Yikes. '' she hissed. I nodded. We departed and went to our cars. The ride was silent. Minus the radio. I walked in the house and threw the keys in the basket. The door reopened and Free came in.

'' Hey. ''

'' Hey. '' he said. The light bounced off of the metal and into his eyes. I laughed. '' What the hell is blinding me? '' he blocked it with his hands.

'' Jays dogtag. '' he chuckled. He picked it up and looked it over.

'' Why do you have his dogtag? ''

'' He's letting me wear it. '' I shrugged. He chuckled and released it from his fingers.

'' He's letting you? '' he started walking towards the kicthen. I followed him and grabbed a banana. He got a popsicle from the fridge.

'' Yup. Why are you eating that? It's freezing outside. ''

'' I've been craving one all day. '' he licked the purple sicle.

'' Craving? Are you sure your not pregnant? '' I laughed. He rolled his eyes.

'' Oh ya I've been craving zillions of things all day. Im cold. Now Im hot. Get me German choclate. '' he said sarcastically. I chuckled.

'' Well alright. Give me a good niece. '' I said. He had a playfull smile on his face and raised his eyebrows.

'' Fine, but your the babysitter. I'm off to get a job. '' he flashed his white teeth and sat at the computer. I smirked at him and went to the den. Laying down on the couch and pulling a blanket over me, I called Harley. He came prancing in. I patted my stomache and he jumped up on it. His tongue hung out when I ran my hand over his fur. The doorbell rang.

'' I got it. '' Free called.

'' Good. Because I didn't plan on moving. '' I shouted. I heard him snort before he opened the door. It was a male voice.

'' Sure come in. She's in the den. '' he said and closed the door. I turned my attention back to the t.v. I flipped to my favorite show. Haha Holly.

'' Hey. '' I turned around alarmed by the voice.

'' Uh Jay? '' I asked. He looked stressed. He smiled weakily and took a seat next to me.

'' Hey. Do you mind if I stay here for a little bit? '' he asked.

'' Um sure why? ''

'' My mom yelled at me and I just wanted to get away for awhile. ''

'' Aw I'm sorry. Ya you can stay. Do you want me to change the channel? ''

'' Nah. Just pretend I'm not here. '' he curled up in the corner of the couch. I shrugged and continued to watch the show. A couple minutes later I heard a murmur from him. He was sleeping. Aw he looked so cute when he slept. I just watched him. He started talking. No singing. It wasn't horrible singing either. He was singing Where the River Bends by Matthew Barber. It was so peaceful. If he was playing the piano too I think I would have cried. God, his voice was amazing. Better then any voices on my ipod. I wanted to record it and play it over and over. Thats what I did. I recorded it on my phone. Free came in the room.

'' Who's singing? '' he asked. I shushed him and pointed at Jay. He sat on the floor next to me and listened. He repeated the song over and over. Each time was more beautiful then the other. We decided to let him sleep. I slid the blanket over him and went with Free into the kitchen.

'' Do you think he sings like that when he's not sleeping? '' I asked.

'' Of course. Theres no way he couldnt. Hes good. '' Free commented.

'' No, he's amazing. '' I peeked back into the room and he was singing the next verse of the same song. It went like this:


                           Tell me what you think, tell me what you feel
                                 Is this thing a fake, or is it for real
                                 Is it what you hoped for, what you dreamed
                                 Is it something strange, that you never seen.



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