Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 19
It's in the Wood !














Whoever passes through this door
Will join a clan of brothers true,
A scattered world of brotherhood
And sisterhood
Of sweaty souls with common goals.

We come to purge the body clean
Of poisons real and imagined.
We sit and sweat and drip and pant
Insinuating heat so damp
Yet dry and blisteringly good,
So hot and vaporously satisfying.

In tendrils of hot air we sit
And chat and laugh, smile
And sigh and drip and pant.
Strangers thrown together
By the four wooden walls,
The hissing of hot rocks
And the stained wooden slats
Apon which we wetly sit.
The closeness of it all
Contributes to the magic…
But there’s something
In the wood which makes
This place, this moment, these people

Without rancor
Politics are discussed,

The daily weather, rugby, golf.
Religion bares its silky self.
Foodtown bargains, aches and pains,
Neck massage, the wife’s chilblains.
And all the while we drip and pant
The heat and hotness sycophant;

Debate, conjecture ,humor, whit
And you’ve not seen the half of it.
Occasionally, by consent,
Sex will rear its’ ugly head
And now and then the racial thing
Will stir the blood and cause a spin.

But all the while the magic’s there
Good grace endures, no tempers flare.
For every man can have his say
Within these walls it’s all fair play.
A certain something, rare and good
Pervades us here…




A tribute to the fine people
Who enjoy the companionship
Of this particular Sauna.


Onehunga Aquasport

April 20 2003




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