♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 30
Hahaha not funny.

     I woke up and stretched. OW. A little sore in the personal area. Buddy came in the doorway and barked. I noticed he was a tad bigger. Once hes 2 months old I can take him running. I started walking towards him and he barked and ran down the stairs. I thought about putting a shirt on. Nah. I slowly made my way down the stairs. Nobody was sitting at the table for breakfeast. I went into the living room. Luke and Emily were playing Guitar Hero. In the playroom was Jamie and Leah.

'' Guys, girls, watever. Why isn't anyone at the table? ''

'' Cause doofus, its 3:00 in the afternoon! '' Jamie smirked at me.

'' Really? '' I asked. She moaned.

'' No, it's 1:00 A.M. '' she rolled her eyes.

'' Jay! '' Leah ran and hugged my legs. OW.

'' Um hey.. '' I tried to hide the pain in my voice.

'' Something hurt? '' Jamie asked. Uh...

'' Bull. Leave me alone. '' I snapped and walked out of the room.



   Now it was dinner time. Great. I hadn't eaten anything all day. I still wasn't that hungry. I took my seat at the table. Everyone came exept Jamie.

'' Jay. Your sister fell asleep on the couch. Can you carry her up to her room? '' mom asked. I choked on the peas in my mouth. She smacked my back repeatedly and they went down my throat.

'' Mom are you insane? Doesn't she weigh like 180 pounds? ''

'' Jay, she only weighs 90 pounds. '' mom gave me the questioning eye. Ugh! Stupid sister!

'' No. ''

'' Jay! Don't tell me you cant carry that little girl with that big pack. '' she poked my chest.

'' Don't touch. ''

'' Jay. This is an order. Now get off you lazy butt and carry her to her room. '' she commanded. I cursed under my breathe and scooted the chair out. I walked into the living room where Jamie was sleeping. There was a book laying on her chest. Ugh. I picked it up by the cover and threw it against the wall. Luckily Jamie was a heavy sleeper. Like a very heavy sleeper. I picked her up. She was light. She started mumbling. I forgot. She talked in her sleep. All of us have weird sleeping problems. I've been told that I sing in my sleep. Jamie sleep talks. Luke and Emily sleep walk. And Leah can somehow sleep with her eyes open. I dunno. Weird. She started talking again.

'' Dont yell at me. I just wanna hang out with you. '' she tossed her head. Who is she talking about? '' Don't come in without a shirt. '' she mumbled something I couldn't understand. '' Sexy. '' and that was the last thing she said. ???. Probablly just dreams. I set her on her bed and closed the door. I went back to the dinner table and ate little.

'' Thank you sweetie. '' mom put her hand on my muscle.

'' Ya, Ya, watever. '' I shrugged her hand off and while she wasnt looking, threw a piece of chicken at Luke.


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