Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 2
First day of school

Aunt Camilia used to drive a beat-up stationwagon and this year I finally talked her or more like begged her to trade it in. She is now the ownr of a midnight blue Mustang G.T.O.

The drive to school was like any normal day. "I can't believe that Kara Gardinne is going to her junior year in high school." She said with a huge smile on her face. 

"It's only school and besides today is only the first day." I said as I looked out of the window. There was a figure that was probally twenty feet away from me but I could not make out who exactly it was. "Aunt Camilia look at that." I told her as we were at a red light.

"What Kara, I don't see anything."

  "What do you mean thre is someone over there." But once I tuned my attention back to whatever was outside the window, it was gone. It couldnot have just vanished.

 "Maybe you are just nervous everyone is on the first day of school." 

 "Yea, but this is not the first time I have come to this school."

We made it to school in about twenty minutes. Stark high school is not a very big school in fact, it only enrolls about four-hundred students. "Okay have a nice day at school oh and i'll be home late." Great.

"Okay because I might be going to the movies anyways." I told her.

"Well have fun and tell Raven and Dominic I said hello."

"Will do, love you."

Love you too." She drove off and I started walking onto the campus.

Since it was the first day of school, I was trying to prepare myself for any pop quizzes that might come. I was sitting at one of the nicely deorated benches  and was reading when I heard my name being called.

 Kara! Kara! I closed the book and scaned the campus to find out who was calling my name. Kara! Kara! I looked towards the stairs of the school and found Raven and Dominic. They have been my best friends ever since we were in diapers. Raven is the sporty type; he is about six foot five inches and all his weight is all muscle. He has jet black hair and deep blue eyes. Maybe thats why they name him raven. He wore a tight black shortsleeve shirt and baggy jeans and had a siver dagger along his neck.

Dominic however, was more of a teddybear. . He is maybe five foot seven and his hair is brown and it was spiked up. He wore clothes that looked like he just bought them and he had a silver cross. His eyes are the color of smoke.

I always though that it was a joke because even though they are similar in apperances, they are somewhat different in attitude and personalities. Dominic is the strong but silent type and Raven is the sacastic and sweet type.

I satrted to walk straight towards them.



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