Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 21
breaking loneliness

the food was about the same as at home. but the dining room was a stark contrast. it was brightly lit. the tablecloth had floral patterns on it and the cutlery was engraved with tiny hearts around the edge. sunshine took one look at the surroundings and felt a deep sense of unfamilarity. she found the change alarming. everything here looked sweet, cute and full of love. everything at home was dark, mysterious and grand.

"so how was today?" lavender asked while placing the dishes on the table.

"fine," sunshine replied. "we have neighbours."

lavender glanced at sunshine, "yes. we have neighbours. they have a girl about your-"

"yeah i met her. she's called lassie," sunshine interuppted.

"do you like her?"

"she talks a lot."

lavender smiled, "well, when she speaks to us, she's more quiet. well, i suppose it's because your age gap is smaller so she would naturally be able to relate to you."

sunshine laughed at her aunt's words, "relate to me? nobody in this world can relate to me." she thought about her disability, her loss and confirmed no one else had felt what she had felt.

"lassie would love a friend. she's a lonely girl as there are no kids around here to play with her," lavender stated.

that was what sunshine liked about this place-no children.

"won't you be her friend?" lavender asked, breaking the momentary silence.

"you said she's lonely. i'm lonelier. she gets to go out. i never do," sunshine poured out all the facts she believed was true of herself.

"that's why both of you should be friends. to break this loneliness once and for all."

"but we won't be friends anymore when i return to the city," sunshine stated as a matter of factly.

"yes. but for now. it would be great to get to know someone new. and besides, it isn't total disconnection once you go back," lavender reasoned in an effort to make sunshine a new friend.

sunshine's face no longer showed the sorrow but it was now fraught with thought. she was thinking. thinking about making a new friend. lavender rejoiced when she saw that sunshine was seriously considering lassie as a friend.


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