Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 20
first words

green grass, clear skies, small cottages was the beauty of the countryside. a typical countryside but it was just that that made sunshine smile. at first, it was impossible to make her even grin but no one had guessed that something as simple as the scenery would make her happy. they thought that if no luxury could cheer her up, the scenery would surely be ineffective too. but here sunshine stood on the veranda and smiled. the joy pervaded her face. the wind picked up and streamed through her soft, black hair. her heart sang inside of her-beautiful. she was felt different, unrecognisable. she did not feel like herself anymore. suddenly she felt like she lost herself and that she was being invaded and her real self fading away. thinking she was becoming someone else, the sadness creeped back. her heart stopped singing. she did not want to be somebody else. turning away slightly from the wind, the scarf that was draped over her shoulders was blown into the air. the wind carried it out off the platform and into the garden. sunshine chased it all the way to the road. the wind seemed to have gotten stronger and lifting the scarf even higher into the air. sunshine ran but she could not run fast enough and was panting very soon. the scarf flew into another house's garden, the gates closed. sunshine stopped and gazed at the house wishing for her scarf back.

she peered through the gates and saw a girl about her age standing on the steps with the scarf in her hand. she noticed sunshine and opened the gates.

with a bright, welcoming smile, she returned the scarf to sunshine, "this must be yours."

sunshine took it and looked down shyly, "thank you."

"where are you living? i've not seen you around before," the girl continued still grinning widely.

sunshine scanned the girl. she was in a sky blue frock and had long, brown hair, "i live down the road with aunt lavender."

"lavender? you're her niece?"


"how long will you be staying with us?"

"i don't know," sunshine began to feel uncomfortable talking so much.

"sorry for the questions. i'm lassie. it gets boring living in the countryside all alone. that's why i'm happy to meet you," lassie grinned as she held on to the seam of her dress.

staring into lassie's green eyes, sunshine replied, "i'm sunshine. and how could it get boring living here, it's beautiful."

"everything nice gets boring when you're used to it. you come from the city i assume."

reminded about the city, sunshine flinched and the sorrow grew as the memories came flooding back.

"well, the i've seen the city in pictures. they have lots of tall buildings and it's really bright in the night. i wish i could stay there too," lassie lifted her head to the sky and breathed in.

sunshine felt that she could talk no more and decided to leave. she turned and walked down the road.

"hey! you're leaving already?! aren't you going to say goodbye?" lassie called out.

sunshine hesitated and then turned her head, "bye."

lassie's smile faded and she was in wonder. why was this girl so cold? she did not live up to her name at all. and her dream of having a friend was shattered.


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