♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 29
Jays P.o.v the break in

                                                           Jays p.o.v


       I saw the big house in the clearing. The white sheet hung down from the window. There was a little thing up there. Ugh Harley. I would just have to go in all natural. I went to the back and checked in the windows. I could see Lexi on the couch. I saw Free on the computer. I tried the doorknob. Suprisingly open. Slowly creeping inside I closed the door behind me which made the littlest click. Free looked up. Damn!

'' Jay! Out! '' he got up.

'' Is this how you greet people when they walk in? Half nude? '' I smirked.

'' Pretty much. Now leave. ''

'' Why should I? ''

'' Got sick people in the house. ''

'' Who my girlfriend? '' the last word came out strongly. He flinched at gf.

'' Yup. The only way you can come in is if you clean up the mess she made early this morning.''

'' Fine. '' I dug my hands into my pockets. He lead me to the kitchen. Holy smokes! Cereal was spewed all over the ground. Milk was drizzling off the counter and there was paper towels on the ground, here and there.

'' Get to it. '' he threw a mop at me, which I caught in one hand. Once he left I grabbed a broom and brushed all the cereal out onto the front porch. Thats done. I mopped the milk and slam dunked the paper towels in the can. Done. I went into the den where Lexi was watching t.v. She smiled as I got closer to the couch. She didn't look sick. But she was wearing extremely short pajamas. Stare. Stare. Ok, I'm good.

'' Hey. '' I said plopping down beside her.

'' Hey. '' She let herself fall on me. Her head layed in my lap. I put my hand on her forehead. Ouch, burnin hot. I felt her shiver and pulled the blanket laying on the floor ontop of her.

'' You doing ok? '' I asked while I stroked her hair.

'' Ya, no, I dunno. '' she continued to face the t.v. screen.

'' Whatcha watching? '' I asked. She sighed.

'' I dunno. '' was all she said. Um... alrighty. '' Take your shirt off. '' she whined.

'' Why? ''

'' Cause your stomachs warm and my face is cold. ''

'' Free will kick me out. '' I said.

'' Nah he wont. '' she said sighing again.

'' Not a good idea. '' I said. But there was no answer. I leaned over to look at her face. She was sleeping. She seemed to fall asleep a lot when I was around. I reached for the remote and flipped to Untamed and Uncut on Animal Planet. I watched as the lions attacked the zoo keeper.

'' Jay, you were suposed to be cleaning the kitchen! '' Free yelled. Lexi's head shot up and collided into mine. I howled in pain.

'' Ow, damn it. '' she hissed as she rubbed her forehead.

'' Lexi go to bed! '' Free commanded.

'' Shut up Free! '' she yelled in a tone I had never heard her use. It caught him off guard and he took a step back. She jumped off the couch quickly. Her foot nailing me in the groin. I howled again and rolled off the couch. OW! Freakin ow!!! '' Im sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry! '' she put a hand on my back. I saw a smile about to cross Free's face. I threw a pillow at him. He cleared his voice.

'' Uh hum... do you want some ice? '' he said trying not to burst into laughter. I gripped the keys in my pocket and slowly got up.

'' Um, maybe I should come back when your feeling better... '' I said backing towards the door.

'' Sorry.. '' she said before I closed the door behind me. OWWWWWWWW. I eased myself into my car. I need a bath.





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