Who you are in Christ
Author: Kylie Welch

Chapter 15
The (WORLD) Word of God


Have you ever thought about the Bible as the WORLD of God.

 I know we have called the Bible the WORD of God for eons –

but have you ever considered that the Bible opens up a whole new world to us? 

We get to walk through wars, pillars of fire, sit on a mountainside with Moses as

 God walks by.  Experience the touch of the hands of Jesus upon our eyes as

 He heals.  Walk on water as we keep our eyes on Jesus, and have Jesus grab our

 hands as we call out for help, sinking.  The World of God is an ever increasing

 journey of excitement and wisdom.  Have you walked through the valley of

Proverbs lately?  Have you sung the song of Soloman this week?

 Have you heard the might and roar of Revelation?  Listened to King David sing

 his psalm with the background Harp he is playing? 

The Word of God is vital to our spiritual well being. 

No other book can take us to the heights that God wants to take us.

 We can’t rely on a Women’s magazine or a dictionary to help us on our way to Heaven.  

We can only rely upon the Word of God – the Bible. 

Like food, we can do without reading the Bible for a few days but after that,

we need to seriously consider eating from the Word again – to gain some spiritual fatness. 

There are endless opportunities to learn as you  read the bible and there are many prayers

for all sorts of situations  in there that you can pray.  Maybe trying to read 1 or two

psalms and a couple of verses of proverbs and then a quiet prayer before you go to bed. 

Five to Ten minutes talking with God before you rest for the night, doesn’t

 sound too hard does it?  There are so many great bible studies that you can

get off the internet or from your local Christian Bookstore or library.

Make it a priority to find a good bible study that you can sink your spiritual

teeth into this week, and make it a habit to go through a bible study pertaining

 to where you are in your walk with the Lord weekly, if not that then fortnightly.

 They don’t have to be long studies, even if you just do a quick study to remind

 yourself of, for example, the faithfulness of God, the love of God, the power

of the Holy Spirit.  All of these things are important and you can go that

extra mile because of your diligence in bible study.   

So, basic food group number two on the Christian Hit List =

The reading of the Word!


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