♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 28
Boring boring

    I was the first to wake up in the cold downstairs. Everyone else was snuggled into there long pajamas. While mine exposed my skin. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me before heading upstairs. Groggily I poured cereal into a bowl. Half of it missed and fell onto the floor. I'll get it later. I usually didn't eat breakfeast but I was hungrier than usual. I stuffed what remained in the bowl into my mouth. I forgot. Cereal makes me feel like I have to throw up. I dumped it into the sink and spat the mush in my mouth into the can. Something furry went along my leg and I screamed. I looked down at my feet. Harley was looking at me with a questioning expression. As if saying It's only me, gee whiz. I smiled and poured his breakfeast into the bowl. Someone was either coming up or down the stairs. Free ran in with no shirt on. Revealing his muscular stomache. But that was weird so I looked up avoiding his torso.

'' Whats wrong? I heard a scream?! '' he said with worry on his face.

'' Chill. Something just scared me. ''

'' What was it? ''

'' Harley. He rubbed against my leg. '' I sighed outwardly. He licked his lips and moaned when he saw the cereal covering the floor.

'' Pick that up! '' he motioned towards it.

'' Nah. '' I tried to go past him but ran into his chest.

'' Pick it up. '' he said firmly.

'' The dog will eat it. ''

'' Im not so sure thats good for him. So pick it up. '' he commanded. I have no idea why but I layed on the ground and started doing a cereal angel. '' What the hell are you doing? ''

'' Leave me alone! '' I barked. Confusion crossed his face and he bent down and tried to put his hand on my forehead. I smacked it away. '' Dont touch me! ''

'' Lexi, let me feel your forehead. '' he tried again. I grabbed a handful of cereal and threw it at him. Then I got up and tried to make a run for it but slipped on the cereal. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the couch. I tried to run but he pinned me down. With much effort he finally put his hand on my forehead.

'' I'll tell your friends they need to get home. Go up to your bed. ''

'' Why? '' I asked confused.

'' Your sick. Now go to your bed or the den. '' he commanded.

'' No. '' I pouted. He yanked me by my wrist and shoved me on the couch. He flipped through the channels and put on What I like About You. My favorite show.

'' Now stay. If you move I'll wip your ass. '' he threatned. I crossed my arms over my chest as he grabbed a blanket and threw it on me.

''Can I have juice? '' I asked. His ribs stuck out as he sighed.

'' Mhmm. Stay. '' he dissapeared into the hallway. I felt loopy. The coldness probablly had something to do with this sickness. But who knows. I heard the door slam shut. Free returned with my juice and a thermometer. He hit the button and shoved it into my mouth. OW. It beeped a minute later. He took it out.

'' 103. You got a fever lil girl. ''

'' Gr. get me my cellphone would you? ''

'' Get it youself. Your not that loopy. ''

'' Pleeeease. '' I whined. He rolled his eyes.

'' Fine. '' he mumbled. He came back with it in seconds. I quickly texted Jay: I am sick :'(.

He texted back: Aw :( what u hav?

I texted: Fever. According to Dr. Free.

Him: Dat sux. I'll come by soon k?

Me: No, then you'll get sick. I'm pretty loopy anyways.

Him: Ah thats normal.

Me: Jay!!

Him: Kiddin. Idc Im swingin by and u cant stop me.

Me: U cant. Free already kickd my friends out.

Him: Watevr, I'll find my way in

Me: We do hav security system u knw.

Him: U also hav windows. If u can just leave ur window open wit somethin hangin out so i can climb up.

Me: K. I gtg.

Him: bye, I see u soon.

Me: Bye. Watch out 4 Free ;)


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