An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 12
That's Just A Bonus

     "Warren, I'm going up to Zander's." I said the next evening.
     He barely looked up, "You gonna walk or take the four wheeler?" I decided to take the four wheeler; it was fun to ride over the hill. I put on a Hollywood Undead shirt and jeans.
     "Where ya going? " Garth asked.
     I started the four wheeler before answering. "I'm visiting one of my friends."
     "That Zander guy?" I nodded and started driving. The path was worn down from years of driving over it. After about five minutes a small building came into view. Zander was sitting on the porch, waving at me.
     He hugged me when I got off the four wheeler. "So what are we doing today?"
     Zander smiled and stood behind me. "Here close your eyes." He placed his hands over my eyes and started leading me forward. There was a mechanical screeching, like a garage door. Then, while my eyes were still closed, Zander's hands went onto my waist, lifting me up. Then I was sitting on something, maybe a four wheeler? "Hold on," Zander said then pulled on my arms so that they were around his waist. The engine roared to life, and I knew that we were on a motorcycle.
     "You drive a motorcycle?" I asked.
     His body rumbled with laughter as he pulled out onto the road expertly. "Legally? No, I'm fifteen. It's Kentucky, and everyone loves me," More laughter, and this time I joined him, "Well, it's true. How could you resist this?" I laughed harder. The bike jumped a bit as Zander twisted the accelerator, and my grip tightened. Soon, we were outside of an old abandoned-looking house.
     "Are we going in there?" I asked once Zander made sure his motorcycle was properly parked.
     Zander grabbed a bag that I hadn't noticed off the back of the bike. "No, we're going to the field. Come on." He took my hand and led me to a spot in the grass. He put a blanket down on the ground, motioning for me to sit down. He opened the bag and pulled out a sandwich. "You want one?" He asked. I nodded and took the sandwich. When I finished, Zander was on his back in the grass. He motioned for me to lie next to him. I made myself comfortable, with my head in the crook of his arm. 
     "I wanted to talk to you about something," Zander paused and said, "Promise you won't get mad, though."
     "Ephraim?" I guessed. When he nodded, a sigh escaped my lips and I asked, "Well, what did you want to say?"
     He shifted so he was looking me in the eyes and holding me. "He isn't who you think he is."
     "Who is he then?" 
     He sighed, "I can't tell you."
     "Zander, that doesn't make any sense."
     Another sigh, "I just can't tell you, okay? Maybe if you talk to him about it, he'll tell you." I went to say something, but he stopped me. His lips crushed against mine, and I kissed back, temporarily forgetting about whatever Ephraim was supposed to be. He turned so that I was on my back. He deepened the kiss, while I ran my fingers through his hair. Somehow, he was balanced on one knee, his other leg laying flat on the grass next to me. One of his hands was in my hair, the other pulling my hand out of his hair to place in on his chest.  
     When he stopped, he laid down on his back again. Even then, he didn't pull more than an inch away from my face. "I really love your eyes," He pressed his forehead against mine, then continued, "I've always been a sucker for blue eyes." His fingers brushed over my cheek.
     I rolled onto my back, my head still in the crook of Zander's arm. "This is one of the only reasons I like Kentucky," I said.
     "Laying in the grass behind an abandoned house?" Zander laughed.
     My laughter chorused his and I said, "No, being able to see the stars. Laying in the grass behind an abandoned house is just a bonus." We were silent for a moment, until Zander glanced at his watch.
     "Hey, it'll be eleven when we get home, so we should go." Zander dropped me off, and after a quick kiss, sped away to his cousin's house. Warren was asleep on the couch when I unlocked the door. After slipping into my pajamas and doing other necessities, the unmade bed was calling my name. Thoughts of Zander and Ephraim floated through my head. Then another thought pierced through all my other thoughts. What exactly was Ephraim anyway? Another thought, why did Zander feel the necessity to warn me about him? At the end of this thought chain, my only remaining thought was sleep. There weren't any dreams, surprisingly.
     I started packing my bag when morning came. "It kinda sucks that you gotta go so early." Garth said after breakfast.
     "Yeah, but what are you gonna do?" I asked and he pulled me into an embrace.
     After Warren hugged me, James opened the door. "Come on, Jasmine."
     With another quick goodbye, we left.          


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