♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 27
Lexi p.o.v Girls night out

                                                           Lexi's p.o.v.


     Harley was sleeping on my stomache silently in my room. I was just thinking about everything. Since most of everything seemed wrong.

'' Lexi! Your friends are here! '' Free shouted. I held Harley close to me and got up. He looked at me as if to say did you not see me sleeping? I rubbed his head. I went downstairs and they were already inside.

'' C'mon lets go downstairs. '' I led the way down to where the party would be. In the room was a t.v., snacks, magazines, sleeping bags, decorations, nail polish, and a phone.

'' Can I hold Harley? '' Maddy asked.

'' Ya, he's mad at me for waking him up. '' I slid him into her arms. Free came down the stairs with everyones bags. He dropped them in the corner and layed on my sleeping bag.

'' Free, out! ''

'' Make me. '' he challenged. I grabbed his shirt and pulled. He flip flopped me over and sat on me. Then Cassie jumped on his back and he fell over. He got up, grabbed me and ran up the stairs.

'' Help! '' I laughed. The three of them came running after us. He opened the door and rn outside. '' Free, Im in my pajamas! '' I shouted. He just laughed and kept running. Out of the 4 of us, I was the one wearing short shorts, and a pink tanktop.

'' Your getting heavy. '' Free panted.

'' Then put me down! '' I slapped his chest. Some of the neighbors came out to see what the fuss was about. When they saw it was us they retreated back inside.

'' Ok, I'll put you down. '' he stopped running and dropped me! I fell flat on my back. OW.

'' Damn you Free! '' I said rubbing my back, neck, and butt. He smiled and quickly walked back to the house.

'' Lexi are you OK? '' Mimi asked hovering over me.

'' No. My head is throbbing and I think theres rock indents in my ass! '' I hissed.

'' Do you want us to call Jay so he can make you feel better? '' they all laughed. Splendid idea. But no. I dont want him rubbing my ass.

'' Ha ha no. '' I headed back to the house. There was a scream that came from the inside. And barking. Oh no. I ran inside and instinctively grabbed the fire poker. It was coming from the kitchen. I slowly made my way to it. I peeked inside. Free was sitting on the counter holding his leg. Harley was on the ground jumping, barking, and growling at him.

'' Harley! '' I screamed. The puppy turned to me with fury in his eyes. But he saw it was me and it returned to normal. '' Harley go to my room, now! ''I motioned towards the stairs. His tail went inbetween his leg and he jumped up the stairs.

'' You ok? What happened? '' I asked. I put my hand on his and removed it. There was some blood. Harleys teeth broke some of the skin on his leg. But it wasn't very deep.

'' I dunno. I just walked in the kitchen and he attacked me.'' he shrugged. I dropped the pointer and went to the medical kit.

'' Strange. Your lucky he has all of his shots. Now hold still. '' I turned on the sink he was sitting next to. He put his leg in and I gently washed the wound with soap. Then I took out a wad of guaze an applied pressure to the wound. After the bleeding stopped I put a sterilized bandage on the wound. Finally, to make it all feel better, a kiss.

'' There. All done. '' I stepped away. In the doorway was Maddy, Mimi, and Cassie with curious expressions on there face.

'' Thanks. '' Free said. He limped out of the kitchen to somewhere.

'' What? '' I asked them.

'' That was so cute! Yet proffesional! '' Maddy clapped her hands.

'' Well he is my brother. My dog bit my brother. So that makes me the one who has to help.'' I said pushing past them. The doorbell rang. Ugh! What now? I opened the door.

'' Hey.'' Jay smiled.

'' Hey, what are you doing here? '' I asked as he let himself in.

'' I was passing by and thought I'd just drop in to say hi. So hi. '' he smiled.

'' Hi. Remember tonight is girls night so you gotta go. '' I said pushing his chest towards the door.

'' What the hell happened to you? '' he asked taking my arm. There was some blood on it.

'' Oh that, thats not my blood, thats Free's blood. '' ok that sounded weird..

'' What -- ''

'' See, Harley bit him and I cleaned his wound. So it musta got there when I was cleaning his leg. '' that also sounded weird.

'' Um ok... is he alright? ''

'' Yup. ''

'' Im guessing that mud on your back isn't from Free. '' he chuckled.

'' Actually it is. He dropped me on the ground. ''

'' You ok? '' he asked.

'' Sure... '' I shrugged.

'' Where does it hurt? '' he asked. I knew he'd play that card.

'' Neck, head, and ass. '' I rolled my eyes. He swiftly kissed my neck and head. Obviously that was all he was going to kiss. '' Not that I dont want you here, but, you gotta go. '' I said pushing him back. I was aware that Maddy, Cassie, and Mimi were watching us from a distance.

'' No kiss goodbye? '' he put on a sad puppy face.

'' Fine, but then you gotta go. '' I said.

'' Yay. '' he smiled before leaning in to kiss me. I was not sure how long it lasted but when he pulled back I was panting hard. He was panting hard as well. He smiled and walked out of the door. I went downstairs and found everyone watching t.v.

'' Sorry about that. '' I apoligized and sat down.

'' That was a 14 second kiss, in slow Mississippi's.. '' Cassie grinned.

'' Tsss. Sorry If I grossed you out. But his DO smells soo good! '' I fell backwards onto the sleeping bag. We all chuckled.

'' In my mind, I was daring you to rip his shirt off! '' Mimi giggled.

'' I was thinking about it myself. '' I smiled.

'' Now for the real fun. Truth or Dare. '' Maddy grinned. I rock this game.


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