♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 26
Feelin this way


     I went home and waited for Free to come in the door. There was a knock on the door. Harley was already at the door growling.

'' Woa lil pup, let me see who it is first. '' I peeked through the peep hole. Jess? '' Heel. '' I commanded. Harley stopped growling. I picked him up and opened the door.

'' Lexi? You liv here? I must have the wrong adress... '' she turned to walk away. I grabbed her wrist.

'' Wait. Who are you looking for? '' I asked.

'' Free. I thought this was his adress. I couldn't catch him at school.'' she bit her lip.

'' Uh Jess, Free is my twin brother. '' I chuckled. Her cheeks turned pink.

'' Oh wow. Akward. '' she fake smiled.

'' Come on in. He's not home yet. '' I stepped aside. She came in and looked around

'' Woah, nice place! ''

'' Thanks. '' I said shutting the door.

'' Aww! Whos dis lil fella? '' she started petting Harley.

'' Harley. Jay got him for me for Christmas. ''

'' That is so romantic! He's the one with you earlier right? ''

'' Yup. '' I giggled as Harley yawned cutely.

'' If you don't mind me saying. Your bf is hot. '' she smiled. I chuckled.

'' You should see him with his shirt off! '' I winked. We laughed. The back door opened.

'' I'm home! '' there was a clank of keys on the counter. I gave Jess the wait signal. I went into the kitchen. He was getting a soda and turning on the kitchen t.v.

'' Free... '' I said hugging him before he sat down.

'' Hi to you too. '' he said pushing me off. I hugged him again.

'' Lexi get off! '' he said pushing me. I grabbed his hand quickly and pulled.

'' Come with me! '' I said trying to yank him in the living room.

'' No. ''

'' Please! It'll just take a second! '' I begged. He sighed and I led him into the dining room. Jess was squatting on the floor playing with Harley. I cleared my throat and she looked up.

'' Free. Jess. Jess. Free. '' I called Harley and hid behind the kitchen door. For a couple seconds it was silent.

'' Um Jess, what are you doing here? '' he coughed.

'' I just wanted.. to ask you.. if you would like to go out with me sometime.. '' she ran her hand through her hair.

'' Sure. Thats sounds great. How about a movie tomorrow night at 8? ''

'' Sounds good. ''

'' YES! '' I accidentally shouted. Free looked at the kitchen door then back at Jess.

'' See ya tomorrow. '' She said and left. I tiptoed quietly towards the back door. Damn it! I forgot Harleys leash.

'' Here you go. '' Free whispered as he handed me the leash.

'' Ha.. Ha.. well I should be going.. '' I darted for the door. He grabbed the hoop in my jeans and yanked me back.

'' Not so fast little sister and dog. '' he blocked the exit.

'' Let me through! I'll have Harley sick you! '' I warned.

'' I just wanted to say thank you. ''

'' Your welcome now bye! '' I ran into his chest. '' Free! I have to go study with Jay! ''

'' Nah you dont. '' a smile started to appear on his face.

'' Yeah, I do! '' I shoved past him and out the door. I lifted Harley in and we drove off.


 Jays p.o.v


     I waited on the couch reading my book. What was taking her so long? Unless something happened.. nah. But what if it did? I started to reach for my phone but then retreated. No she's fine. Just late. Still... no. Buddy was pacing around the room. Waiting for his friend. I whistled. He looked up. I did the sit command.

'' Buddy sit. '' he sat. I tossed him a treat. Leah walked up.

'' Smokey wants you. '' she put the little cat in my lap.

'' Leah, take Smokey to Jamie please. ''

'' Ok Jay. '' she smiled and giggled.

'' Thank you. '' I smiled back. She took the little cat away. Luke walked in front of me. He glared at me. '' What? ''

'' Your a jerk. '' he shook his head.

'' I'm a jerk because I'm teaching my dog? ''

'' No, because you decided to get a girlfriend. '' he snarled. Wrong button.

'' So what? ''

'' I hate her. She's ruining this family. '' Oh now you've done it.

'' Don't talk like that. Lexi is great. She's done nothing bad to this family. ''

'' Pa lease. She's changed you. ''

'' Maybe I needed a change. I think you do to. Now beat it before I loose my temper. '' I pointed towards the door. He sulked towards it and opened it. Harley ran inside. He grabbed my sleeve with his teeth and pulled me towards the door. Oh crap!

'' No, no, no! '' I said as I got to the door. Down the street was Lexi's truck. She was leaning against it and was talking to a police officer.

'' See.. '' Luke said. I shoved him aside and ran down the street.

'' Whats the problem officer? '' I asked panting.

'' I was just about to tell her. '' he said sadly. ?

'' What is it officer? '' Lexi asked.

'' Its you parents... ''

'' Oh my God. There not dead are they?! '' she rushed the words out.

'' No ma'am. You father was found beating your mother. '' Lexi gasped.

'' We put him in jail. Your mom is in the hospital getting checked out. ''

'' Whats wrong with her? ''

'' Nothing serious. Some bumps and bruises. Maybe a small break. Nothing a little time can't fix. '' he reassured her. Oh my Gosh.

'' Thank you sir. '' she said. He smiled sympathetically and went back to his car. Once his car was out of site she broke down in tears. I pulled her close to me. Her dad is such a bastard.

'' Sh, it's ok. We'll go see your mom now ok? '' I opened the passenger side and she crawled in. She gave me the keys and I started the ignition. Whoops. I opened the door and scooped up Harley. Then we were off to the hospital for like the 5th time.



       We found her in a room where they put on casts. The doctor gave her a boot to put on.

'' Mom. '' Lexi went inside. Her mom only smiled weakily. I saw Free leaning against the wall and went to talk to him.

'' Hey man. '' I said.

'' Hey. ''

'' Seems like you guys have been coming here a lot lately. '' I said. He smiled.

'' Ya, she has to wear that boot and she just got banged up kinda badly. ''

'' It could have been worse. ''

'' Yup. ''

'' So.. '' luckily Lexi came back over.

'' Free's gunna take her home in a bit. We can go back to your place. ''

'' You sure you don't wanna stay with your mom? '' I asked.

'' She told me to go on ahead and not worry about it. ''

'' Alright, '' we went back to her car. The ride was silent but not in an akward way. At least there dad couldnt hurt them or kick them out of the house anymore. But they would have to go to court. Im positive he'll be claimed as guilty.


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