♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 25
Christmas Break is over :(


     Christmas break finally ended. :'(. We were going back to school and I was determined to find out who Free liked. I grabbed my bag and headed down the stairs. I filled up Harleys food bowl and gave him fresh water.

'' Harley! Breakfeast! '' I yelled. He came scampering in. I stroked his back and gave him a kiss before leaving. '' Ok boy, I'm not going to be home everyday now. So be good and go through the doggy door we installed. Bye. '' I ran to my truck and drove to school.




      '' Who is she?! '' I yelled while sitting on Free's friends, Aron.

'' Lexi, get off me! '' he yelled. Never! I tried to keep his arms pinned down.

'' No! Just tell me! ''

'' No, It's in the guy rule book! ''

'' Really? What page? '' I asked.

'' Um.. eh uhh... 42. ''

'' Oh shut up! Just tell me her last name! '' I commanded.

'' I said no! '' he pouted. '' Finally! Dude, do you mind getting your girlfriend off me?! '' Aron said struggling to throw me off.

'' Lexi? What are you doing? '' Jay's voice said. There was hands on my waist that pulled me up onto my feet. Aron got up quickly and ran away.

'' Ugh! He got away! '' I stomped. Jay laughed.

'' What were you trying to do anyways? '' he said turning me around so I faced him.

'' I'm tryin to figure out who my freakin sibling likes! '' I said now frusterated.

'' Cool your jets. I'll ask him if you want. ''

'' Yay! Now go find out! '' I pushed his chest.

'' I have to go on an adventure without a kiss from the fair maiden? '' he said putting his head down. Aw. Poor baby. I just wanted to grab his cheeks! haha.

'' A kiss for luck should do. '' I gave him a quick 3 second kiss.

'' I'm off to see the wizard. '' he said smiling and walking away. Haha watever. I walked around looking for my friends. I went around the side of the school and found Mimi kissing some dude. Ew. Walk away. I went to the other side and found Cassie and Maddy. Relief.

'' Hey dudets! '' I said skipping over.

'' Hello Mrs. Smiley face. '' Maddy said.

'' Hey, we havn't seen you very much. '' Cassie hugged me.

'' I've been busy. With the bf, puppy, ect. So what did you guys get for xmas? '' I asked. I listened and wowed and ahh'd as they went on with there list.

'' I got a puppy, clothes, new purse, blanket, new skateboard, stuff like that. '' I listed.

'' How's Harley been? ''

'' Very good. It's like a world proffesional trainer already taught him. ''

'' Wow. If he's that good you should go on Animals Got Talent. '' Cassie suggested.

'' Yeah! That'll be fun! I'm so sighning us up! '' I said determined. We talked about the show and what I should wear and junk. Jay came around the corner with a smile.

'' Did you get it?! '' I yelled with hope. He nodded. I squealed and ran to hug him.

'' Who is she? '' I asked low enough to were Cassie couldn't hear.

'' Jess Moore. '' his eyebrows lifted up. WOW.

'' Jess? You mean the captain of volleyball, smart, gorgeous, Jess? '' my eyes went wide.

'' Well yes. Exept your much more gorgeous than her.''  he smiled. I slapped his arm and snorted. Ya right. Jess had long dark lashes, shoulder length chestnut hair, perfecto body, great style of fashion. And my brother liked this chick. Im not sure if hes out of her league or she's out of his. Now I wanted to find her.

'' Thank you for getting the information. '' I kissed his nose and ruffled his hair.

'' Where are you going? ''  he asked.

'' Im gunna talk to Jess, duh. ''

'' I'll come with. '' he said. He grabbed my hand and we swung them back and forth. We found Jess in the gym, spiking volleyballs.

'' Hey Jess. '' I said. This was probablly only the second time I had ever talked to her.

'' Um hi, Lexi right? '' she asked spiking another ball.

'' Yup, this is my bf Jay. '' I wasn't sure if I should have introduced him or not.

'' Hi nice to meet you. '' she shook his hand. She put the volleyball under her arm.

'' I know I barely know you but I wanted to know if you wanted to talk girl to girl. '' I pushed Jay away. He picked up a volleyball and went in the corner. Tss.

'' Sure I guess. What about? ''

'' I just wanna let you know I wont tell anybody. But uh, who do you like? '' I decided just to come out with it. I was sure she was going to decline the question since were not friends.

'' You know, nobody has ever asked me that. I've been waiting for someone to come over here and ask me stuff like this. '' she smiled. So she's a secret spiller.

'' Well Im here, so shoot. Tell me anything. '' I leaned against the pole.

'' Well theres this guy. '' obviously. '' And I like him but I'm not sure if he likes me. ''

'' Why don't you ask him? I bet who ever he is, is wondering the same thing. ''

'' You think so? '' she asked. I'm pretty damn certain actually.

'' Ya, or if you want, I could ask him for you. '' I offered.

'' No thanks. He would think I'm chicken or something. I'll ask him after school. '' she smiled.

'' Great! Let me know how it goes. '' I smiled back at her.

'' I will. See you around. '' She spiked the ball. I nodded. I turned around and Jay was balancing the ball on his forehead. It was hilarious!

'' Um, Jay, baby, what are you doing? '' I laughed.

'' Keeping focus. ''

'' How about you keep focus during class. '' I slapped the ball so it fell on the floor.

'' Fine. '' he grabbed for my hand again. '' So, you wanna come over to study later? ''

'' Ya, I'll bring Harley to. ''

'' Sounds good. So does Jess like Free? ''

'' Not sure. She didn't tell me who he was. She said she's gunna ask him out after school though. '' I shrugged.

'' If it's him we just double. '' he smiled. I nodded. The bell rang and he kissed my forehead before we ran to class.


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