Saint Ray (of Fate) 's Short Stories
Author: Saint Oreo

Chapter 11
Zapp Gate

I had failed.

Or in other words, arrested.

"For the last time, where did you get this?" The extremely frustrated Control Officer yelled. He held up my skateboard. I smiled. "In the past, it would be in a skateboard store." I replied. "We are not in the past! The past was a decade ago. A ghastly, horrible thing where more than one child died each day! It is forbidden for electronics, martial arts and defense and any form of transportation that an Assigned Adult cannot be present!" It was hard to keep back my laughs. The truth was, my Assigned Adult actually encouraged this. He was one of the Ancients, a group that tried to bring back the Past and destroy the Control Group.

In fact, my father -as he begged me to call him- rejected the Jointing, a time when they give you a soul mate, and secretly married my mother, Willow Gate. They lied about being Joined and attempted to show less attraction. They failed. When they Assigned a baby girl, Melissa, they refused because Willow was secretly pregnant. Control Police forced them to take her, though, and as soon as they had forgotten about the whole deal, they handed over to the Recyclables or what used to be called an orphanage.

They named me Zapp to represent the lightening that would destroy the Control Group-which they believe will happen through my power. Ever since then, my father has been training me by teaching me how to break the rules and get out of trouble. So far, I've used a DS, snowboarded, went tubing, learned tae kwon doe and earned my black belt, and eaten an actual solid hot dog.

Each time I was lectured by the Control Police.

Each time I had the best time of my life.

"I will call your Assigned Adult today and tell him about what happened. I hope he will be very disappointed." Control Police #483 reached over to the phone and dialed our houses three addresses numbers, 743. He smiled meanly at me and started to talk. "Yes, Mr. Gate I see that your daughter Zapp, spelled Z-A-P-P, has used a Banned Object. BANNED, spelled B-A-N..."

(I really like this story. I might turn it into a real one. Look, I even have a picture for it.



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