♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 24


     The sun poked through the curtains. I heard little whimpers. I looked up and down my bed. Harley?

'' Harley? '' I said tiredly. I looked at the door. He was waiting by it. When he saw that I was up he howled twice. Aw. He didn't wanna wake me up. He held his bladder for me.

'' Your mom probablly told you women need there beauty sleep, right? '' I looked down at him. He barked. I opened the door and followed him down the stairs. I took him out the back door. He did his buisness and came in happily.

'' Good boy. Follow me. '' I petted him and looked through the puppy supplies. Ah ha! I took out a treat from the boz and gave it to him. He ate it and wagged his tail. '' You wanna see if Jay and Buddy wanna go to the park? '' I asked him. He barked. '' Just let me get ready k? Oh wait.'' I found a piece of paper and wrote: Gone to park with Harley and Jay. -Lexi-. '' Here boy. Lets see how intelligent you are. Take this to Free's room. '' I showed him how. I put the paper in my mouth and crawled to the stairs. Then I gave it to him. He hopped up the stairs and dissapeared. I called Jay.

'' You wanna go to the park? '' I asked.

'' Ya, with Buddy right? '' he asked.

'' No, with Jamie. '' I rolled my eyes.

'' Sorry, it's the morning. I'll be at your house in a few. '' we hung up. I grabbed Harleys leash. Oh ya, he has to eat. I whistled.

'' Harley, breakfeast! '' I yelled. I went to fill up his water and pour his food. He appeared in the doorway. I set it down. he sat and ate happily. '' Finish up and I'll be down in a few. '' I ran upstairs to change. After I had freshened up I went down. Harley was waiting with the leash in his mouth. I clipped it on him. We waited on the porch for Jay. His car pulled up on the road.

'' Hey! '' I smiled. I walked Harley down and we got in the car.

'' Hey. '' we kissed quickly then headed to the park.

'' So, hows Buddy been? '' I asked while stroking Harleys back and scratching his ears.

'' Good. Exept he doesnt follow any commands. And he went in the house twice. '' he scrunched his nose.

'' Thats how puppies are. Well exept for Harley. Can you believe this? He does everything I say, doesn't wake me up when he has to go to the bathroom, and so far has followed the rules I gave him. '' I smiled proudly at my little pup.

'' No way. I wish Buddy did that. You gave him rules? '' he asked.

'' Yup. When I told him to go to bed, he went to bed. '' Jays mouth popped open.

'' My gosh. He's a good listener.. I guess. '' he chuckled.



    We sat on the bench as the puppies rolled around and played in the grass. Once we put them on there leashes, a bunch of people stopped by and petted them. Harley didn't attack one of them. Good.


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