♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 23
Lexi's p.o.v

                                                            Lexi's p.o.v


    Guess what?! Todays Christmas. The lights and tree were up. Sadly there was no snow. Just coldness. Guess what else? Over the weeks before Chistmas, Jay asked me to be his girlfriend. I gladly said yes. So we were now offically a couple. Which reminded me that I would be spending half the day with his family. I was about to head over there with his present. I decided to go with casual jeans, white oasis embellished top, and red high heels. I also curled my hair. I took out my cellphone and called Jamie. Ring. Ring. Ring. Answer.

'' Hello? ''

'' Jamie, It's Lexi. I'm on my way so get ready. ''

'' Ok! I'm so exited! Jay's always wanted a dog! '' Jamie cheered. Yup, I got Jay a puppy. A yellow labrador retriever. I made sure his family was ok with it, then got the puppy. He cost around $850. But he was worth every penny.

'' Ok, I'll see you in a couple minutes. '' I closed my phone. '' Free! '' I called. He was watching the puppy for me.

'' Ya? '' he called from his room. I went in with a red ribbon. The puppy was on the floor with Free. He was only 6 weeks old. I snapped on his black collar and tied the giant red bow around his neck.

'' I'm gunna miss this fella, but I think I'll enjoy the feeling again very soon. '' Free smiled.

'' What do you mean by that? '' I asked.

'' Nothing. '' he shrugged. Watever.

'' I'm leaving now. I'll see you tonight. '' I ruffled his hair and picked up the puppy in one hand.

'' Say bye bye Free. '' I put the puppy in his face. Free kissed it on the nose then got of the floor. I walked down the stairs.

'' Bye mom. Bye dad. '' I yelled.

'' Bye sweetie, have fun. '' they yelled back. I closed the door. My truck roared to life as I put the keys in the ignition. I kept the puppy that didn't have a name yet in my lap. We finally got to Jays house. I knocked on the door with the puppy behind my back. Jay answered it.

'' Merry Christmas. '' he said as he pecked me on the lips.

'' Merry Christmas.. '' I stepped inside the house. He closed the door. '' Heres your present.''

I brought the cute puppy out from behind my back.

'' Oh my -- Oh my freaking gosh! '' he exclaimed. He grabbed the puppy from my hands. '' I love him. I've always wanted a dog. Thanks! '' he said still smiling.

'' Im glad you like him. He's a yellow lab, like you wanted. He's 6 weeks old. ''

'' Geez, thank you. ''

'' So what are you gunna name him? '' I asked. Then his whole family surrounded the puppy.

'' Oh my gosh! Hes adorable! '' Jamie and Emily squealed. I smiled. He was the runt of the litter. I noticed someone in the room who was older then Jay.

'' Hi you must be Lexi. I'm Brandon, the oldest. '' he shook my hand.

'' Nice to meet you. '' I smiled. He had Jays crazy black hair. But he had brown eyes. A girl, who I'm guessing was Brandons wife, came in the room. She looked like a super model.

'' Aw, that is an adorable puppy. May I hold it? '' she asked. Jay nodded so she took him.

''  A name? '' I repeated. Jay thought for a minute.

'' I think I'll call him... Buddy. '' he finally said. Buddy. Hm, I like it. Everyone agreed. He grabbed my hand and starting leading me to the kitchen. Jamie followed us.

'' Heres your present.. '' he said. In the corner of the kitchen was a German Shepherd in a crate. I screamed.

'' Thank you! '' I hugged him then ran over to the crate. The puppy was adorable and started jumping at the door. I let him out and held him. He licked my face and wagged his tail.

'' Aw I love him! Im gunna name him Harley. '' I decided.

'' That name is perfect for him! '' Jamie squealed as she sat down next to me.

'' How old is he? '' I asked.

'' 6 weeks. Just like Buddy. '' Jay said. As if Buddy new his name already. he came prancing in. He jumped up on Jays legs. '' Hey lil man. '' Jay laughed. He picked him up and sat next to me. Buddy and Harley sniffed each other. We put them down and they started playing with each other. Aw. Best Christmas ever! As the puppies played and explored we ate lunch.



      Jay took me outside on the screened in porch. He turned up the fire and we sat in front of it. Making smores.

'' You having a good Christmas so far? '' he asked.

'' The best. I love Harley. Thank you. '' I kissed him on the cheek.

'' Im glad you love him. ''

'' You do like Buddy right? I can always take him back.. '' I said sad at the thought.

'' He's the best present I ever got. '' he smiled.

'' Good. '' I finished making the smore and stuffed it into my mouth. We kissed while my mouth was still half full of smore. He pulled back and licked his lips.

'' Mmm, you make a good smore. '' we laughed. The door opened and the puppies ran through. Harley put his little paws on my thigh. I scooped him up into my lap. Jay did the same. We played with them until they fell asleep. I checked my phone.

'' Babe, It's time for me to go. '' I said sadly.

'' Aw. Will you come over tomorrow? And bring Harley? '' he asked.

'' Of course. '' We got up. Which woke the puppies up. We walked to the porch.

'' Merry Christmas. '' we said simultaneously. Then we kissed until the puppies started barking. We smiled and departed.

'' Bye. '' I hugged him and turned to go.

'' Bye. Thank you. '' he said. I just smiled at him and put Harley in the truck.



     When I rang the doorbell to my house, my cousin answered it.

'' Hey Lexi! '' he gave me a hug. He was me and Free's age.

'' Hey Tanner. '' I walked in. Free zoomed in front of me.

'' Lemme see! '' he hopped up and down. I laughed and held Harley up.

'' Alight! A good guard dog! '' he took Harley.

'' Haha ya, his name is Harley. ''

'' I like it. Did Jay like his dog? ''

'' Yup. He named it Buddy. ''

'' It was so hard to not tell you! C'mon all of his stuff is in the living room. '' Free ran through the house. It was hilarious to see him act like a 7 year old. I held Harley over my shoulder like a baby. The rest of our cousins were in there partying. Mom came to see my puppy. She squealed and petted him. I laughed and went to find his things. I wonder if he knew his name.. I whistled.

'' Harley! '' I called. My mom put him down and he ran over to me. Haha good. He should be easy to train then. There was a black collar, Red leash, food and water bowl, a bed, toys, food, and ect. I slid the collar over his head. Aww!! I let him explore around the big house, monitoring him every now and then. When I went to look for him, he was in my room trying to get on my bed. I lifted him up.

'' These are the rules -- '' when I talked he looked me directly in the eye. '' You do not go to the bathroom in the house. You go outside. You follow all commands. You don't bark or hurt  other dogs unless there about to hurt me or somebody. You don't bite or attack someone for no reason. Capiche? '' he looked at me with big eyes. He barked as if saying Yes ma'am! Good.

'' Now go to sleep. I'll be back in a few hours. If you have to go to the bathroom, howl twice.'' I told him. You may think I'm crazy. But he actually closed his eyes and went to sleep. Good dog. I closed the door and went back to the party.


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