♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 22
Free's p.o.v

                                                            Free's p.o.v


        I was coming out of the bathroom when I saw Lexi on her hands and knees, crawling around on the floor.

'' Lexi? '' at the sound of my voice her head shot up.

'' Everythings fine! I swear I didn't lose him! '' she screamed.

'' What? Lexi, what are you doing? '' I knelt down beside her.

'' Nothing... '' she shoved my chest and started crawling in the other direction. I cralwed after her.

'' Lexi. Why are we on the floor? ''

'' Because I lost Jays kitten! '' she almost yelled.

'' His kitten? He brought his cat to school? And gave it to you? And you lost it? '' I asked.

'' Hell yes! '' she threw her arms in the air.

'' Where did you last have him? '' I asked.

'' Uh.. algebra. The door was open and I saw him run out. By the time I excused myself he was gone. '' she cried.

'' Its ok. We'll find -- there he is! '' I pointed down the hall. We got up and ran towards him. The leash was caught around a table. Lexi grabbed the cat while I unhooked his leash.

'' Thanks Free! '' she said sighing outward.

'' No problem. Get back to class before you get in trouble. '' We got up and went in our classes. A cat to school. Who brings there cat to school? Seriously? I threw the note I had been writing to Aron. He threw one back that said: What are you getting your sister for christmas? Wow thats really random. But December was just in 3 days. I passed back: No idea.


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