Giving up the art
Author: Ella

Chapter 16

isabel lay on the wooden floor with her long slender legs half resting on my bed frame. she was just a little taller than me.
"i can't wait for this evening," i told her, grinning widely.
she looked up at me and raised an eyebrow. then, she sighed and fiddled with the frills of her dance dress. "if only you could take my place."

she did not know how much i would love to take her place. how much i wanted to dance in her place and have that even smallest role on stage. how i would be grateful to just be able to walk gracefully even. i wanted it. and i had heard once, that you could only have something if you wanted it so badly. i wanted this so badly. i wanted more than this in fact. i wanted to be like cyrilla too. yet what were my chances of ever becoming like her.

isabel pushed herself up and dragged her feet to my desk. she stacked up my practice books and placed them in the shelf. i immediately got up and rearranged them. isabel smiled sighingly.

"do you want to dance?" she asked.
i didn't know how to reply. of course i would love to dance. i nodded in embarrassment.

"i shall teach you," she replied as she lifted her right feet into the air. "follow me."

at first, i was at a lost. it was embarrassing to follow her. it was disgraceful for me to dance. but i tried as much as i wanted to. i lifted my feet too but it was only halfway in the air compared to hers. she was looking in front and engrossed in her dancing. i was glad she was not looking at me. then, she bend over and touched the floor. my mouth dropped open and my heart sank. i could never do that. i bend over and reached for the floor desperately, but i lost my balance and plunged into her.

she fell forward and tumbled over herself with a cry.

"i'm so sorry!" i cried.

i watched her pull herself up again. her dance was effortless. i sat on the floor and covered my knee. it was turning blue. isabel reached out to me and pulled me to my feet, "i've fallen down too many times to feel the hurt anymore. you should fall more often." she giggled and went on dancing.


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