♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 21
Oh cheese and biscuits.


  Me and Free were walking out of the parking lot when a bunch of people attacked us.

'' Lexi! Omg girl, you never said you were going out with Jay! ''

'' Huh what? '' I said confused.

'' You and Jay. ''

'' Who told you that? '' I asked.

'' Charlotte. '' ugh. That lil glut. I walked through them all. Someone was holding onto my backpack following me. It was just Free.

'' You said you went to the mall. You didn't say you were going to the mall as a couple. '' Free mumbled.

'' I was just doing Jay a favor. '' I said. He grabbed both of my shoulders.

'' This is Jay were talking about. I mean, he's been pretty heroic in the past month, but uh. It's still the fighting mean Jay. ''

'' No, he's changed. '' I said shrugging his hands off. He grabbed my wrist.

'' That may be. But theres nothing stopping the old Jay from coming back. ''

'' Why would the mean Jay come back? '' I asked confused.

'' I don't know. I'm just saying. Dont say that I didn't warn you. '' he patted my back and walked off. Watever. I was scanning over my algebra homework and someone tapped me on the back. I turned around and smiled.

'' Hey Jay. ''

'' Hey, I'm sorry about this. ''

'' About what? '' I returned my gaze to my homework.

'' Everyone thinking were a couple. ''

'' It's ok. '' I stuffed the paper into my bag. I swear I heard a meow.

'' Do you mind? '' he asked.

'' Hm? About us 'dating'? '' I did the air quotes.

'' Ya.. '' I heard a meow again.

'' Ya Its fine. '' I went around to his backpack and lifted out a gray kitten. '' Aw! Jay, who's this lil fella? '' I said holding the kitten to my chest. He moaned.

'' Storm! He snuck into my backpack. Dang it! ''

'' I didn't know you had a kitten. He's so cute! '' I pressed my nose to Storms nose.

'' He's new. He follows me around everywhere! ''

'' Aw, hes so cute! He can stay with me today if you want. ''

'' I dont know.. he might get you in trouble. ''

'' Eh who cares. I'll take care of him, I promise! '' I begged.

'' Ok. Just don't let him out of your sight. It's a big school and my sisters would kill me! '' he groaned. I took of my bracelet and put it over the kittens head.

'' Hold him. '' I handed Smokey to Jay.

'' What are you doing? '' he asked. I took the laces off of my shoes and tied them together. Then attached the laces to the bracelet.

'' There! Now he has a leash. And the bracelet fits around his neck just right. Not to big not to small. '' I smiled and held the leash.

'' You must have a tiny wrist. '' he mumbled. I laughed.

'' I've always wanted a dog. ''

'' Me too. But I got this. '' he motioned to Smokey. '' What breed do you like? ''

'' German Shepherd. ''

'' Big dog for a little girl. '' we laughed.

'' What about you? '' I asked. Smokey rubbed his head against Jay's leg. He meowed until Jay knelt down and petted him.

'' Yellow lab. '' then the bell rang. We got off the ground.

'' I'll take care of him. See you later! '' I picked up Smokey and slid him into my backpack. Good thing it was a messenger bag. I walked quickly to the school. I couldn't run or it would jostle the kitten.


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