An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 11
Guns Don't Kill, They Just Give You Nose Bleeds

     James was oddly cheery when we left to go to Warren's house. "What are you so happy about?" I asked.
     "Nothing, the weather is just fantastic." James said, grinning widely.
     I rolled my eyes. "Yep, and I get to spend it in Kentucky."
     "That's the spirit!" I rolled my eyes and turned my iPod on. After a long drive, most of which I slept through, we finally arrived at Uncle Warren's- you guessed it- trailer.
     "Jasmine," Warren twanged happily, "Guess what!"
     He grinned, "We're going to the spring bash!" I had to bit my tongue to suppress a groan. There were two of these "bashes" every year- one in the fall, one in the spring. They attracted hicks like honey attracted flies. "Woo guns!" Whatever, Bubba J.
     I smiled and went inside after telling James goodbye. After taking a shower, I read for while. "Hey, Jasmine." My fourteen-year-old cousin, Garth, poked his head into my room. He looked a lot like Warren. They both had black hair, green eyes, and tan skin.
     "What's up, Garth?"
     He sat down on the bed. "I don't want to go to the spring bash, either."
     I almost laughed. "But you love guns."
     "Yeah, but my friends were throwing a party."
     "I know exactly how you feel." I put my hand on his shoulder. We talked for a while until Warren yelled that dinner was ready. The best thing about Warren was his cooking. We ate steak while Warren and Garth went on and on about random things. Mainly guns and hunting.
     There weren't any dreams that night. Nonetheless, I woke up groggy. "Come on, Jasmine. We're leaving in an hour." Warren said. It was remarkable how he was awake and chipper already. The clock read ten, so it was probably because he had already been awake for four hours.
     "Okay, just let me change clothes and eat breakfast."
     We went to the high school an hour later. I brought my iPod with me so I wouldn't completely die of boredom. Garth and Warren went off on their own, so I looked around for something to spark my interest. There were all sorts of tables covered with guns, knives, basically anything a hunter could imagine. That's when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw a familiar face. "Hey, Zander." I smiled, finally someone to talk to other than hicks.
     "What's up?" He asked.
     "My uncle made me come. I really don't like guns and stuff."
     He smiled again. "Yeah, my cousins wanted me to come up, and I forgot they were hicks. You want to go to the stables? My cousins have a few horses." I remembered the stables. It took a while to walk there, since stables aren't going to be next to a high school.
     I nodded. "Hold on. I'll just go tell my uncle." I went to turn around and was hit right in the face with the stock of a gun.
     My hand went up to my nose. "Shit, shit shit!"
     Zander moved my hand. "Jasmine, move your hand. Come here. I'll help you clean it up. It's bleeding."
     I nodded, and Zander led me to what would normally be the nurse's office. "Here, sit down. Okay, now tilt your head back. Here, this might hurt."
     He pushed on my nose and I yelled, "Dammit, Zander! That freaking hurt!"
     "Sorry," He picked up a piece of cloth. "Here let me wipe the blood off." He held my chin up with one hand and wiped under my nose.
     I smiled, and said, "You're making me feel like a five-year-old."
     Zander smiled and put down the cloth. He tilted my head back farther with both hands. "There, it should be okay now." He didn't let go, he just stood there and smiled at me. Zander leaned down slowly and kissed me. It was a shy kiss, and I'm not going to lie, I liked it. Probably a lot more than I should have.
     There was a tap on the door, and we both jumped apart. "Hey, Warren." I said.
     "What're you doing in here, Jasmine?" He asked. 
     "Uh, nose bleed. Zander was helping me out."
     He cocked his head. "How'd you get a nose bleed?"
     "I turned around and got hit in the face with the stock of a gun."
     He laughed. "Well, we're gonna leave. Go find Garth, okay?" I nodded and told Zander I might see him later.

* * * * * * * * ___________________________________________________________________ * * * * * * * *

     "Mornin', Jasmine."
     "Good morning, Warren." I said.
     He looked up from his Farmer's Almanac. "You know that kid that was at the bash yesterday?"
     I nodded "Zander."
     "Yeah, him. He's coming over today to cut the grass."
     He went back to his Almanac. "Help him find everything when he gets here." I nodded, then got dressed.
     I read for about an hour, then Warren told me that Zander had arrived. The tool shed was around back, and Zander was already there. I noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt. Definitely something I liked seeing. He unlatched the door and stepped inside. "Hey, Jazz." He said, barely turning around.
     "Are you trying to show off, Zander?"
     He laughed, "Depends."
     I smiled and asked, "Depends on what?"
     Zander started rolling the lawnmower out. "Is it working?"
     "Might be."
     He laughed again. "Well then I might be showing off a bit."
     When he finished, we talked a little. "Hey, you want to hang out tomorrow?" He asked.
     "Sure, what did you have in mind?" I handed him a soda.
     "Thanks," He took a drink before answering, "It's a surprise, but you'll have to walk up or get Warren to drive you."
     I cocked my head. "Why?"
     He got on his four wheeler. "It'll ruin the surprise."   


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