♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 20
Joy Ride.


        I followed Lexi to her truck. She got in and rolled down the window.

'' Whatcha want? '' she asked.

'' I was wondering if you wanted to go to the mall. '' I asked. She ran her hand through her hair.

'' Um, ya sure. '' she finally said as she popped her gum.

'' Cool. How bout I meet you there in the front? ''

'' Sounds good. '' another pop. Ha cha cha cha.

'' See you in a few. '' I patted the side of her car and went to mine.



                     Lexi's p.o.v



            I followed Jays car into the parking lot. I parked mine close to the mall. He parked somewhere else. I found him at the front, just like he said.

'' So, where do you wanna go? '' he asked.

'' How about the electronic store? '' I suggested.

'' Do you mind if I buy a new shirt first? '' he looked at the one he was wearing. I laughed.

'' Sure. '' we found a store that had teen shirts. He picked one out that said ' I got arrested for carrying around these guns.' It had a stick figure with him flexing his muscles. I thought it was hilarious and offered to buy it for him. He said he would pay for it. After he changed into it, we went to the electronic store.

'' Check this out! '' Jay shouted from across the store. He was sitting in a massage chair. I got into the one next to him. Whenever we talked it came out all vibratey. There wasn't anything we could buy, so we left.

'' You want a icee or something? '' I asked.

'' Yepper doodle! '' he said happily.

'' Tss, ok. '' I got blueberry and he mixed his with cherry and coke flavors. When we were about to go into the apple store he grabbed my arm.

'' Shoot! Can you please pretend to be my girlfriend for a second?! '' he said hurriedly.

'' What? Why? ''

'' Charlotte. She's really anoing and wont leave me alone! Please! '' he begged. I looked ahead and saw Charlotte skipping towards us. I nodded. He sighed and put his arm around me. Ya, this was ok. It was.. more then ok. Oh no. I quickly slipped my arm around him to.

'' Oh hey Jay! '' she glanced at Jays arm around me and frowned.

'' Hey, Charlotte. '' Jay replied.

'' I didn't know you two were going out. '' she mumbled.

'' Um, yup. We are. '' Jay said as he pulled me closer to him.

'' Ya, just recently. '' I said. Actually very recently. Like 1 minute ago recently.

'' Well pin a rose on my nose I had no idea! '' she said putting on a fake smile.

'' Ya, we should be going.. '' Jay said.

'' Hm, well I was wondering if you two might wanna do some shopping together? '' she asked.

'' Great.. '' we said simultaneously. She looked at her watch.

'' Actually I have to go. So I'll see you tomorrow. Lil love birds! '' she smacked me on the back and walked away. We watched her go then both let out long sighs.

'' You can.. let go now.. '' Jay said staring at my arm around his waist. Bing.

'' Um, do you mind? Im kinda cold.. '' I said.

'' No its fine. Do you want me to buy you a jacket? '' he asked.

'' No thats ok. ''

'' Alright. '' we walked to the apple store. Which actually was freezing inside.

'' Do you mind? It's really cold in here. '' I said.

'' Uh no. '' he put his arm around my shoulders. Much better. :). I bought an itunes giftcard and we left. As we made our way outside, all these guys and girls kept looking at us. Um, do you not see a male figure with his arm around me? The sun had set and I totally forgot to tell my family were I had gone. I would call them once inside my car.

'' I'll walk you to your car. Theres a bunch of creeps out at this time. '' Jay said.

'' Ok. '' he was right. One time when me and Free were coming back to the car, he forgot to buy something and went back in. So I was walking to the car and these two guys wouldnt let me through. They kept saying '' why don't you come back with us? '' then one of them twirled his finger in my hair. I was to scared to do anything but stand still. Free finally came out and ran the guys off. I learned to never walk alone around here at dark.

'' I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for helping me out back there.. '' he ran his fingers through his hair.

'' No problem. I'll see ya. '' I finally departed from his side. It now filled with emptyness and coldness. I got in my truck and watched him go until he was out of sight. Damn, was I seriously falling for him? I turned on the radio. Great. A love song was on. Good gravy!



    Ring. Ring. Ring. Answer.

'' Hello? '' Free said through the line.

'' Free. It's Lexi. ''

'' Lexi where have you been? '' he groaned.

'' At the mall. '' I said making a right turn.

'' With who? ''

'' Jay... ''

'' Jay? Whatever, just call next time. Mom made me run around the neighborhood for you. ''

'' Sorry. Why didn't you call me? '' I asked.

'' I did! Like 7 times! ''

'' Oh, it was in my backpack. ''

'' Great. Just get home would ya? ''

'' Im pulling in now. '' I said braking the car.

'' K, Bye. '' he closed the phone. Blah blah blah.


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