Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 17

sunshine's victory came soon. after that sudden outburst, she simmered down and no longer shouted. the doctors felt that keeping her there would do nothing to help her and send her home. there was nothing they could do for a girl that was not receptive of anything.

the room felt the same. the freeze in every inch of air and the depressing atmosphere. sunshine absorbed the familiarity of her room and felt comfortable. being in that white ward had made her feel bland. everything was too white to be interesting there. here things were neither interesting nor bland. here, time came to a standstill. sunshine could live every day as if life would never end. time was not a factor in her life. she did not crave to live and she was not afraid of death. she was neutral about both and pessimistic about everything else. hearing the rain splashing on the roof, sunshine drew the curtains. like before, the streets were empty and the sky overhanging. she let out a satisfied smile. such nice weather to welcome her home. that smile came rarely. she would only smile at the sad things that made her rejoice. taking joy in bad things the befell others. no one had seen her smile in ages, except for the few moments when she met her aunt in the countryside. those were the moments where she realised her true self. she was supposed to be cheerful, aspiring girl just like normal girls. and that was the only time where she felt pure joy. the happiness that did not come from a mishap. it was short, but it was real. sunshine reflected on it and discovered that she could be normal. she could be happy. she could return to her old self. but somewhere deep within her, the burning grudge clung on. she promised herself that she would never be normal unless this world was rid of children. unless her past could be erased.


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