Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 67
Where Do They Find the Grafters ?




















Worried with frustration
Stretched out to extreme
Taken to the limit and beyond
Where sane minds scream.
Exposed to bad behaviour
Tormented by the lies
The repeated disappointments
In bad attitude denies
Performance expectations,
Lack of progress on the job
And the invoices presented
Show intention there to rob.
Where do you find the grafters
The men who bend their backs?
The sort who give you value
When assigned the job that smacks
Of complication and endeavor
And difficulty too,
The sort who grin up through the sweat
And blood and dust to say “thank you”!
Where do you get the grafters
With their willingness to work,
With their great job satisfaction
And be damned with those who lurk
About just waiting for the bell
That signifies the break,
When the tools are dropped like hot cakes,
When the boss’s teeth do grate.
Oh the boiling indigestion
Putting up with all the trash
And the prospects for tomorrow
Indicate we’re being rash
With expectations of improvement
An elevation of returns
When performance figures indicate
A decline from them that earns
The bulk of cabbage from this business,
The bulk of dollars from the floor
And so as long as I draw breath my friend
Those dogs will earn no more.
There’s an attitudinal difference
Twixt employer and employed
One arranges things to suit him
The other faction gets annoyed.
All the workers want more money
And they want their hours cut,
Please God send me down the grafters 
And I’ll edge those wages up.
Where do you find the grafters
With a sparkle in their step?
And that hint of something magic
Whilst they lift the dull inept.
Mangere Bridge
12th November 2008





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