♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 19
Lets beat up some bastards.


        Ever since that kitten laid eyes on me, it wont leave me alone! I ate breakfeast, it waited next to me, I changed my clothes, it followed me, I even went to the bathroom and it came with me! I hope its a boy. I grabbed my bag and crept towards the door. No sighn of.. whatever its name was. I heard my sisters babbling.

'' Let's name him Free! '' Jamie snickered.

'' Nah, how about Smokey? '' Emily suggested. Im not having a cat named Free.

'' How about Storm? '' I shouted so they could hear.

'' Thats perfect! '' they both said. I rolled my eyes. High ho, high ho, its off to school I go. I whistled the tune until I got to school. I found my amigos waiting for me in the parking lot. I went over to them. Dan grabbed my shirt and ripped it off my body like yesterday.

'' Dan! C'mon man that was my favorite shirt! '' I snapped.

'' Well now its your favorite rag. '' He threw the 2 pieces of my shirt to me.

'' Nu uh, your sister sews, she's fixing it. '' I threw the pieces back at him.

'' Chill. '' He stuffed the pieces in his bag. He threw me his button up shirt. I pulled it on and redid the buttons.

'' Why don't you put it on later? '' Chase asked.

'' Cause, I don't feel like parading around school half nude. '' I slapped the back of his head.

'' You did yesterday. '' he mumbled.

'' So what? '' he shrugged. Then I remembered Reese. '' Hey boys, you feel like gettin in a little trouble today? '' I grinned.

'' Theres our old dog! '' Dan cheered. We walked and found Reese throwing a football, of course. I tapped his back.

'' What? '' he snapped.

'' I just wanted to say... you load of bull! '' I slugged him in the face. He stumbled backwards. I punched him again on the cheek. He grabbed my shirt and ripped opposite ways. The buttons all snapped off. Damn it!

'' Hey! Thats my shirt! '' Dan yelled. He jumped on Reese's back just as he punched me in the chest. I fell to the ground. Reese's friends had just now come to help. One slammed his foot onto my chest. The other tried to throw Dan off. Chase was now beating the guy on me. Shawn was attacking someone else. I heard a familiar voice.

'' Need a little help? '' Free looked down at me and held his hand out. Just as I grabbed it, someone rammed Free in the side and he flew down. I was suprised when Free fought back. He grabbed the guys wrist and twisted it. He got up and kicked his back. I got up and grinned at him. I could see Reese and his friends were out numbered now. They all darted towards the school building. I high fived Free and my guys.




      We were all still standing around when Lexi and her friends came up.

'' My lantha what happened? '' she asked.

'' Nothing... '' some people said.

'' Just takin care of buisness. '' I said. She nodded.

'' What happened to your chest? '' she asked as she put her warm fingers on it. I winced.

'' Nothing. Nothing a little ice can't fix. '' I said.

'' As long as -- '' she began but the bell cut her off. I slipped on the button shirt. There was only one button left. I put it in the hole and we all ran towards the building.


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