Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 15

sunshine's stamina wore down and she slowed down. her feet struggled hard to carry her further by a step but soon, she slowed down to a crawl. the nurses easily caught up and grabbed her. they carried her back to her room.

may continued sitting beside her bed. she was not smiling. her eyes were fixed on the weak little creature that cacooned in in the bed. sunshine wanted so much to fall asleep but she felt very uncomfortable with may sitting beside her and watching her. may's watchful eyes brought sunshine distress and she kept her eyes close too, wishing may would leave seeing her asleep. apart from the faint sounds of the air conditioner, she could sense may's breathing. the soft, calm pace of her breath contrasted with sunshine's fast, tense and heavy breathing as she sucked in the icy air.

finally, she turned around and faced may. her eyes sharpened. "you can go on sitting there forever. i'm not talking to you. you can don't have your meals, don't go to the toilet and don't sleep. i will do everything as i always do," sunshine said flatly.

"you are talking to me now," may grinned victoriously.

"no i won't!" sunshine shot back, anger building up quickly.

may smiled harder. sunshine sat up abruptly and gave may a forceful push that landed her on the floor. may's smiling face turned to shock and pain. she immediately stood up and stared sunshine down. sunshine felt fear. she was never afraid of anything before. how could she fear this harmless lady? she stared back into may's eyes.

"you'll be sorry you did that!" may shouted and left the ward.

sunshine assumed may was no longer coming back and the anger gradually subsided. she slipped into her covers and fell asleep quickly.


the place was dark as sunshine awoke again. she wanted to reach over to the table and switch on the table lamp but her hands would not move. she tried to kick away her blanket but her feet was restrained too. quickly, she peered throught the darkness and saw smooth white straps around her wrists. they ran around the rails of her bed tightly. her eyes widened in disbelief that she was actually being tied up. desperation rose inside and she felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness. she wanted to scream for the nurses to untie her but she closed her open mouth and reconsidered. what made her think that all her yelling would make them free her. they might even tie up her mouth if that was possible. helplessness made her feel defeated. something she hated to feel.


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