An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 10
Unlucky Kentucky

     "Jasmine, wake up!" Clarice was yelling at me.
     I grumbled a response that was probably not so nice. Then, more awake, I asked, "Why do I have to wake up? It's Sunday."
     Clarice smiled. "Well, I was just going to tell you that because it's spring break this week, you're going to Uncle Warren's."
     "Seriously?" I groaned.
     "Family is family, Jasmine."
     "Not my family, I'm adopted." Clarice sent me a warning look that said. 'Say anything else like that, and you're grounded.' I grumbled again, and decided to get in the shower.
     The water felt good, and I rolled my shoulders. My ribs felt much better. That dream still sent chills through me, though. What was happening, anyway? Jasen, and that one guy- Angel. There were really only three things I could remember. That snapping sound that rang out when Angel killed Jasen, That flash in Angel's ears (why was that so damn familiar!?), and Angel's kiss. My imagination was being haywire. Near death experiences weren't something I favored dreaming about.
     "Clarice, when am I going to Warren's?" I asked, drying my hair.
     She put down her book, and peered at me from over her glasses. "Tomorrow."
     "Is Addison going?" I asked. Clarice shook her head and went back to reading. Great, I got to hang out with Warren Storm, an almost exact clone of James, only more of a hick. The worst part was that I had to be in the car for about four hours to get from Morgantown to Kentucky. Oh, joy. At least Addison wouldn't be there.
     There was a knock on the back door, disrupting my thoughts from whatever was going on in the book I was reading. "Jasmine, get the door." James said.
     I walked to the door, and Ephraim was standing there, smiling. "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to finish that movie tonight."
     "Hold on, let me go ask. You can come in and sit down." I motioned toward the black leather couch.
     I walked down the steps and asked James if I could go. He sighed, but said, "Yes, but don't be gone to long. You're going to have to pack so we can leave early tomorrow."
     "Yes, the highlight of my life is Uncle Warren." I didn't even try to hide my sarcasm.
     "Just go before I change my mind." I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before going to get Ephraim. We took my car, because James told me I would have to pick Addison up in a few hours.
     "So, are we going to watch Stay Alive?" I asked when we were at his house.
     He nodded and asked, "You want to watch Amityville Horror too?" I nodded and he started Stay Alive. When the movie ended, Ephraim and I discussed how the ending was a letdown.
     "Seriously? They nailed her down like they were supposed to, but she dies because she looks at herself?" (Sorry for those of you who wanted to watch that movie.)
    "That's so true," I laughed, "So how about Amityville Horror?"
    A coy smile played on his lips. "Well, I'd much rather do something else." He moved closer to me, giving me time to pull away, but I didn't. Ephraim placed his hand on the small of my back, and put his other hand on my waist. His lips moved to my neck, playfully biting me. Then, my cellphone rang. Ephraim and I sighed in unison.
    "Hey, Warren. What's up?" I asked, a little breathless.
    "Jasmine, I haven't talked to you in forever," He twanged. "So, are you coming up this week?"
    I sighed, "Yes, Warren. Hey, can we talk later. I'm kind of busy."
    "What're you doing?" His accent screamed redneck.
    "Watching a movie," Ephraim laughed at that. "Well, I have to go. Love you, bye."
    Ephraim got up and put the movie in, and my phone rang again. "What the hell? I think people know we're trying to watch a movie." Ephraim laughed, and paused the movie.
    "Hello?" I asked.
    "Jasmine, I need you to pick Addison up." James said.
    I sighed, "Right now?"
    "Well, that would be nice." 
    Ephraim stood up and walked me out to my car. "So maybe I'll see you sometime this week?" He asked.
    "I'll try," I said with a smile. "I really do like watching movies with you." He laughed and kissed me on the cheek before walking back into his house. 


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