♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 18
Jays p.o.v. you bad bad bastard.

                                                           Jays p.o.v.



        Almost the minute she put her head down, she fell asleep. I didn't know what to think. She was mad at me, called me to get her, cried into my arms. She was somethin alright. She did look beautiful. I was still furious at Reese for doing that. But she said Reese was afraid of Free so. I decided taking her home would be best. We reached her street soon enough. The house was dark exept for a main and bedroom light. I pulled into the driveway. It was getting colder now. The kind of cold where you would need a light jacket. Luckily she had rolled over so I could open her door. I put my hands under her back and legs. She was like a little baby. So light and tiny. I held her purse with my pink finger. I knocked on the door. Unsure who was awake and who wasn't. I was happy to see Free at the door. He wasn't that happy to see me.

'' What the heck are you doing here with her? '' Free whispered angrily. I briefly explained the situation. He relaxed a little but was angry also. '' That bastard. I knew he was no good. '' he shook his head.

'' Ya, he's a real jerk. '' I said.

'' Thanks for bringing her home. Again... '' I nodded at him. He held his arms out and I slowly put Lexi into his arms.

'' She's like a little baby. '' I whispered.

'' Ya, I guess she is. '' Free said. He wasn't suposed to hear that, but oh well. I set her purse inside the house and went to my car. I watched in the window. I saw Free in Lexi's room. He put her on her bed. Then he just folded his arms and muttered something. He turned off the light. So I backed out of the driveway and went home.




     When I walked in the door Leah ran to me with a book.

'' Will you read me a story? '' she asked.

'' Yup. '' I said. She held out her hand. I grabbed it. It was so tiny inside of mine.

'' Yay! Sissy stole your yearbook and Luke threw your baseball outa the window. '' she giggled.

'' They did, did they? We'll have to get them back then! '' I tickled her stomache. She rolled and laughed.

'' Yes.. '' she finally said. We walked up towards Jamie's room. We got low on out stomaches. Her door was open so it was easy. She was dancing to Justin Bieber. Um.. alrighty..

I told Leah to be quiet and we crawled too the side of her bed.

'' At 3 we jump and scream, ok? '' I told her. She nodded.

'' 1... 2.... 3..! '' we both jumped up and screamed. Jamie threw her hairbrush in the air and screamed. I laughed at her. So did Leah.

'' Get out! '' she screamed.

'' Gimme my yearbook. '' I chuckled and pretended to sing to the song that I didn't know.

'' Fine, just please stop singing. '' she begged. I laughed. She handed me the yearbook and threw us out. I took Leah to her pink room. It was princess theamed.

'' Take me too the castle Prince Jay! '' she squealed and giggled.

'' Yes ma'am Princess Leah. '' I picked her up and set her on the bed. Once she calmed down I read her The Giving Tree. She finally fell asleep.

'' Night. '' I whispered and kissed her on the head. When I closed her door, Luke was waiting for me. He smirked at me.

'' Looking for your baseball Prince Jay? '' he snickered.

'' Shut up. And ya, go get it or I'm never taking you anywhere again. '' his eyes were wide. He ran down the stairs and I heard the door shut. I went into my room. I threw my shirt into the hamper and grabbed my sports illustrated magazine. There was a knock at my door.

'' Come in. ''

'' Hey.. '' Emily said.

'' Hey, whats up? '' I asked.

'' Nothin. I was wondering if you knew were Jamie's diary is? '' she asked. I smiled.

'' Trust me, if I knew, then I would have it and be sharing it with you now. ''

'' What are those? '' she pointed to my stomache.

'' What? '' I asked.

'' These weird lump things on your stomache. ''

'' Those are my abbs. '' I laughed.

'' Awesome '' she whispered. I laughed again.

'' Punch me there. '' I said. She shook her head. I nodded. She shrugged. With all her might she punched my stomache. She held her hand to her chest and clenched her teeth.

'' Ow.. '' she almost cried. Whoops.

'' C'mon lets get ice on that. '' I led her too the kitchen. I put an ice pack on her hand. I thought it was rather funny. Jamie came in the kitchen.

'' What happened too you? '' she asked Emily.

'' I punched Jays abbs. '' she said quietly. Jamie laughed.

'' Oh ya? Why don't you try it? '' I pushed her on. Jamie laughed and slapped me on it instead of punching. Ow.

'' Alright, Alright, that's enough of hitting my abbs of fury! '' I flexed my arms.

'' Mhmm ya whatever. '' Jamie pushed past me. I shrugged and fled to my room. I layed on my bed and read my magazine.



    The alarm went off. I woke up and threw the magazine on the floor. First I heard a scream. Sleepily I ran downstairs and almost fell over.
 '' What happened?! '' I screamed. My whole family looked at me weirdly.

'' Jay, please go put a shirt on. '' mom asked.

'' Whats wrong? '' I asked again.

'' Nothing! Look! '' Jamie squealed as she pulled out a gray kitten from a box. Ugh. Why not a dog? The kitten looked at me with big eyes. I glared at it and went to find a shirt.



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