♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 17
Lexi p.o.v Flirting with muscle

                                                               Lexi p.o.v



      I walked with Maddy around the school. I explained everything that's happened in the past month. She nodded and Ah'd. We came around to where the football players were practicing. We sat on the bench and continued to talk. You figured something had to happen right? You figured right. While we were talking about my parents something collided with my head.

'' Ow! Ah! '' I yelled.

'' Lexi, are you OK? '' Maddy asked. It seemed like I got asked that a lot.

'' No! '' I shouted in pain.

'' Oh I'm sorry! '' Reese called from the bottom of the bleachers.

'' You should be bastard! Do you hate my head so much that you throw footballs at it? ''

'' Are you OK? '' he ignored my comments.

'' No! I'm freaking not! I had a minor concussion and was at the hospital yesterday! I don't  feel like going back there again! '' I threw the football at him as hard as I could. Sadly he caught it. He walked up the steps of the bleachers.

'' I'm sorry. Truly, I am. Let me make it up too you. ''

'' This better be good. '' I mumbled.

'' How about I take you to the aquarium? '' he offered. The aquarium? What am I 9?

'' Gee, that's the first thing I love to do every week. Go see a bunch of smelly fish. ''

'' Alright. Then how about Magianos Little Italy? '' he asked. Yuuumm!

'' I have one question. '' I said.

'' Whats that? ''

'' Is this a date? Or a fancy apology? '' I felt Maddy nudge me. He smiled a little.

'' Hm, an apology dinner does sound nice, but uh, I like date's better. '' he smiled. I was about to tell him something else but someone caught my attention. In the distance was Jay and his friends without there shirts on. I couldn't help but stare. Jay had a tight 6 pack. His torso perfect. His hair wild in a sexy way. His blue eyes shining like jewels. Stare. Stare. Drool. I was so busy staring at his body that I didn't know him and Reese and Maddy were staring at me. Jay mouthed 'what? ' too me. I felt my mouth open but nothing came out. It just hung open. I glanced at Maddy who was also staring at the shirtless guys. Reese finally brought me back.

'' Lexi. '' he said loudly.

'' Hm? Wha? '' I said lost. Sad that Jay and his friends were barely in sight.

'' The date? '' he said.

'' Oh right, right. Ya, when? ''

'' Tomorrow night at 6:30. ''

'' 6:30? '' I asked.

'' It is a school night. I don't want your parents after me. Or your brother. He creeps me out.'' he said clenching his teeth. I laughed out loud. lol.

'' Free? Free creeps you out!? '' I laughed at the thought.

'' Well he is your brother. He's taller then me by a little. ''

'' Wow. When I need help I guess I should call him not you. '' I said. The second I said it I wanted too take it back. There was a bit of hurt in his eyes. But he recovered quickly.

'' Anyway, I'll see you later. '' he was deciding whether to kiss my cheek or not. But decided against it. He went back to his team.

'' How can you be going out with him?! '' Maddy shrieked.

'' What do you mean? '' I asked confused.

'' Hello? Were you not just drooling over Jay? ''

'' It's not my fault! Damn horomones. '' I clenched my fist.

'' Let's go watch them! '' Maddy laughed.

'' OK! '' I said already getting up.

'' Lexi, I was joking. '' Maddy said with suprise.

'' So was I... '' I resat and wished she was being for real.




      I found Free with his friends. We usually consulted with each other when we went on dates. I was kinda hoping he would say no.

'' Free. '' I called. He turned around.

'' Buzz off. '' he yelled back.

'' It's a relationship thing.. '' that was the code. He groaned and walked towards me with his hands in his pockets.

'' Who? '' he sighed.

'' Reese. '' I said biting my lip.

'' As in football Reese? ''

'' Is there another one? '' I said in a sassy tone.

'' He seems kinda pushy if you ask me. ''

'' Oh come on. He even told me he was intimidated by you. '' with that, Free almost fell on the ground laughing.

'' That's the funniest thing I've heard all morning! But seriously, if he's intimidated by me, then maybe he's not that great. ''

'' Everyone is intimidated by somebody. '' I said. He nodded at that.

'' He's alright. Where you guys goin? ''

'' Magianos at 6:30 tomorrow. ''

'' Magianos? Pretty fancy for a first date. '' he whistled.

'' Well he did nail me in the head with a football again. ''

'' Ha Ha. '' he laughed at me and walked away. When he went back to his friends, 3 girls went up to him, flirting.

'' Free's a bachelor! '' I yelled then turned around. I laughed and ran to find Cassie.



    It was almost 6:30. Reese would be here soon. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a yellow sundress, white flip flops, purse, bracelet, and necklace. It was an expensive place. So I needed too look... stunning? I was playing with my hair, when the door rang. I heard Free yell he got it. I walked downstairs. Reese smiled at me as I came towards him. He was wearing black slacks with a white polo that had one black stripe across it.

'' You look nice. '' he said. Nice?

'' You don't look to bad yourself. '' I said.

'' Yes, everyone is very attractive now go. '' Free said. I punched him in the arm and we walked out. Reese went ahead and got into the drivers seat. So far he's failing the gentlemen test. I opened the door and sat in his spacious car.

'' You look beautiful. '' he said before starting the ignition.

'' In the house I'm nice and in the car I'm beautiful? ''

'' I didn't want to say that in front of your brother. Thought he might slug me. '' he said. Well he's not one of those guys who would scream I'm beautiful at people. The ride was quiet and I stared out the window the whole time. Again, he didn't open the door for me. We walked in.

'' Good evening. Welcome to Magianos Little Italy. '' the waiter said.

'' I have a reservation. '' Reese said.

'' Last name? ''

'' Shay. ''

'' Ah, party of 2. Follow me. '' he grabbed the menues and took us to our table. It was very fancy. The waiter saw Reese sit down, so he pulled out the chair for me.

'' Thank you. '' I smiled at him.

'' Your welcome. Your waiter will be with you shortly. '' he walked off. I looked at the menu.

'' We'll get the appetizers. They bring around spaghetti and other foods. That'll be good. '' he said putting his menu down. Another note, he doesn't ask what you want.

'' So Lexi, how are you? '' he asked. Oh I'm fine. Exept my date is inconsiderate.

'' Fine. So what position do you play in football? '' I asked.

'' Linebacker. ''

'' Um, whats your-- '' I saw Reese wasnt paying attention too me. I turned around too see who he was staring at. Suprise suprise. His old girlfriend. Holly Pentzy.

'' Hm what? '' he said returning his attention to me. So I was just being used.

'' You jerk! Your a bastard! I hate you! '' I screamed at him. Everyone looked at us.

'' Lexi, what are you talking about?! '' he tried to settle me back into my seat.

'' I'm just your fake date! You used me! You know what? I'm glad your scared of my brother because he's gunna beat you up! '' I screamed. He was then frightened. I grabbed my purse and ran out of the resteraunt. Wait, I had no ride. I pulled out my cellphone. I didn't want my friends. I didn't want my family. I dialed the numbers. Ring. Ring. Ring. Answer.

'' Hello? ''

'' Hey Jay, it's Lexi. '' as I said his name tears started rolling down my face.

'' Lexi? '' he asked shocked.

'' Ya, I was wondering if you were doing something important. ''

'' No, just homework. '' he said.

'' Oh, well do you think you could pick me up? '' I sniffled.

'' Your not in the rain again are you? '' he asked.

'' No, I'm at Magianos. '' I felt my voice crack.

'' Whats wrong? ''

'' I'll explain later. Can you get me or not? ''

'' Ya, I'm on my way. '' the line disconnected. I sat on the bench. I played a game on my phone when I heard Reese call my name. He was outside. He finally found me and came over.

'' Lexi! ''

'' Don't talk too me. Go talk too your girlfriend, Holly! '' I poked his chest.

'' Oh c'mon Lexi! I did not bring you here too make her jealous! ''

'' Really? I think you did! No, I know you did! '' I poked him again.

'' I didn't! So come back inside and eat. '' he almost begged.

'' No. Im going home. ''

'' How? You don't have a ride! ''

'' Ya I do! ''

'' Oh ya who? ''

'' Jay. '' I said. He became tense.

'' Ya the dude who almost got you killed. He's a good choice. '' he rolled his eyes.

'' He saved my life for your information. '' I was ready to pound Reese. He seemed like a good guy. Haha wrongo! He glared at me. Then he grabbed the back of my head and forced his lips against mine. I swung my arms and legs at him. But it did no good. I started slapping his head. He held both of my wrist in one hand, and the back of my head in the other. This was hell! I kicked at him furiously. Hoping I would kick him in the crotch. He would have to run out of breathe sometime right? Finally one of the workers saw me trying to brake free. He ran over and shoved Reese's shoulder.

'' Hey! '' he said furiously. '' Let her go. '' the worker said with clenched teeth. The man was much taller then him. He was the door holder. Reese let go, seing he would get pounded. The guy was only in his 20's. Reese ran off to his car.

'' Thank you so much! '' I hugged the guy.

'' No problem. '' he said.

'' Here. Don't argue. You just saved me from hell, so take it. '' I handed him 50 bucks.

'' I can't. ''

'' Yes you can. You know you want it. Im sure you really need it. So take it. '' he smiled and shook my hand.

'' Thanks. ''

'' No, thank you. '' I said. I sat back on the bench. I realized I was bawling. I curled up in a ball and waited. I saw Jay's car pull up in front. I grabbed my bag and basically ran to his car. He got out and looked around for me. I threw my hand in the air. He smiled then frowned. I ran into him and cried. I buried my face into his chest and tried to calm down. He slowly put his arms around me.

'' Sh.. whats wrong? '' he said soothingly. I told him everything. But most things came choked out. He let me cry on him while he listened.

'' What a bastard. Im sorry. Look at me. Look at me. '' he said. I raised my head too his sparkling eyes. '' It's ok. It's over. He's not worth your tears. He's a jerk and doesn't deserve you anyways. '' he said calmly. I nodded slowly. He opened the passenger door.

'' Thanks Jay. '' I tried to smile through my watery eyes. I got in. He shut the door and got in on his side. I layed my head against the window and fell asleep.


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