♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 16
Jays p.o.v. thought it was good?


       It turned out Lexi was fine. Something just happened that involved the minor concussion she had earlier. When she woke up and saw me, she grabbed the pillow that propped her up, and threw it at me. She screamed get out! Ya, I darted out. It reminded me that a relationship between us probablly wasn't going to happen. The thought took me back too when we first met.




       I was so exited I met my first friend! Chase. We smiled at each other and shouted

'' Kill the teacher! '' and we scampered towards the lady. She smiled at first but then frowned. We started kicking and slapping her legs. She screamed. The assistant teacher pulled us off and smacked our buttox. She put us in the ''no no corner. '' We pouted and laughed. A pretty girl with blonde hair came in front of us. She stuck her tongue out.

'' You two are stupid. My brother is a perfect gentlemen. So be good. '' she wagged her finger at us the whole time. She was annoying me. I grabbed the bottle of paint behind me. I undid the lid and shook all the red paint on her yellow dress.

'' Whoops. '' I said smiling. She glared at me.

'' Why you little! '' She pounced on me and ripped my hair. Chace was trying to pull her off, but she was fisety. Rawr. I grabbed her foot and yanked her shoe off. The teachers ran over and seperated us. The older teacher was holding the girl by her stomache. The assistant held my shoulders. I was puffing and trying to break free.

'' Hey, why are you messin with my sister? '' a boy that looked just like her asked. There were two girls behind him, snickering and trying to hold his hands.

'' None of your butt rash! '' I said.

'' I'm pretty sure its beez wax. '' the girl corrected me. I moaned at her.

'' Alexis Erdman! This is your first day in kindergarten. Do you want a spankin on your first day?'' the teacher shouted.

'' No ma'am, that won't be neccesary. Ma'am my name is Lexi not Alexis. Drop the a and the s '' Lexi said.

'' My, my, you have quite the vocabulary for a 5 year old. '' the teacher said amazed.

'' Well I didn't read grammar books for nothing. '' she grumbled.

'' I see.. '' the teacher said. '' Come Ale-- Lexi, let's get you cleaned up. '' she led Lexi away to the bathroom. The assistant released me and spanked our buttox again. I moaned. I bet my butt was redder then a clowns honking nose. After awhile Lexi came back in the classroom. She was now wearing jeans, a shirt that said 'Lil Sassy Mouth', and some sandals. I thought it fit her perfectly. Well, for a 5 year old body anyways. She saw me watching her and grabbed a boys hand and sat with him. I went over to see who he was.

'' Who are you? '' I asked. The boy looked at me. His eyes swimming with blue and green.

'' Free Erdman. Who are you? '' he asked.

'' Jay Gould. Pleasure to meet you. '' I tried to sound levely grammared as them.

'' We only talk that way around adults. So cut the can of cheese. '' Lexi said. I shrugged and slightly kicked the girls leg. Which sent her into fury. The fighting happened all over again. We all got spankings on our buttoxes and no snack. Stupid girl. She's the one who makes my buttox hurt so.


____________________________Back in the Present. __________



        I laughed at that memory. I could still feel the teachers hand on my butt. If I tried hard enough to imagine it anyways. I hadn't heard them use that grammar around any adult these days. I felt bad for spilling paint on her dress. It never came out. Which was pretty funny. Finally Lexi came out of her room. She looked at me with disgust.

'' You two are stupid. My brother is a perfect gentlemen. So be good. '' I wagged my finger at her and laughed. She remembered and laughed her ass off as well.


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