An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 9
Kissed By Angel

     The ride was mostly silent, the only time there was any talking was when Ephraim inquired about my head and ribs. The answer was the same- they felt way better. We reached my house in  about fifteen minutes. Ephraim opened my door for me. I dug around in my pockets for my house key. I felt Ephraim's hand around my wrist. He was staring me and smiling. "Wait, before you go inside, I want to do something."
     Me, being an idiot, had to ask, "What?" Slowly, he leaned down close to me. His lips were warm against mine. His hands pressed against my back, and I gasped at the pressure on my ribs.
     Ephraim broke away, and asked, "Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay? I completely forgot."
     I smiled at him, "Yeah, it was just unexpected. It feels fine now." He smiled and kissed me on the forehead before getting back into his car. I unlocked the door and walked silently up the stairs. Clarice was in the kitchen, getting a Sprite.
     "You're home early. Did something happen?" She asked.
     "No, Ephraim said that he didn't want James to kill him." I said, with a laugh.
     She looked at me with a smile and asked, "Did he kiss you?"
     "Clarice!" I groaned. She shrugged and walked back down the stairs. I walked down the hall to my room. My pajamas- a black tank top and black boxers- were laying on the floor. After slipping them on, I brushed my teeth. After making myself comfortable on my bed, sleep took over along with thoughts of Ephraim.
     It wasn't running this time, it was more like immobilization. One of the worst feelings in the world is when you realize that one- you can't move, or two- you aren't the one controlling your movements. Thank God it was one. Move, move, move!, my mind demanded. Nothing. I tried to take in my surroundings. I was in a chair, or something like it. There was a single light above me, partially illuminating the room. It couldn't really be called a room, cell was a more appropriate word. The walls were what looked like metal, with one small window in front of me.
     Then, there was a crash. Something like metal against metal, making my ears ring and a cold chill to pass through me. That was the closest I had gotten to moving. "We didn't finish our business last time, Princess."
     My lips wouldn't move to make a response. "I think you'll find that you can't move right now. You will in a minute, though. I do enjoy a bit of a fight." Jasen came into view then.
     As promised, the feeling of immobilization was gone. I jumped up to hit Jasen, but fell. "Whoa, slow down. Can't have you hurt by something other than myself, can I?" A vicious, mocking laughter erupted throughout the room. I stood up again. This time, taking one step at a time. When I reached Jasen, I punched him. There wasn't a reaction that hinted towards him even feeling me punching him, just annoyance, and arrogance.
     In a swift motion, Jasen backhanded me. Hard. A whimper of pain escaped me. I tried to get up, but Jasen kicked me in the stomach. I had a thought. This was a dream. All of it. I wasn't hurting, and I could kill Jasen if I wanted to. More of that vicious laughter, "I hate to break it to you, Princess, but you can't hurt me." That awful metallic sound rang through my ears again.
     Out of the corner of my eye, Jasen was on the ground. Standing over him was that winged guy. He picked Jasen up by his shirt and with an inhuman speed, had him pinned against the wall. "She may not be able to hurt you, but I can. And I'll enjoy every second of it."
      I rolled onto my stomach, trying to see better. All I could see was Jasen's terrified look, until I shifted once more. Then, in the glow of the light, something in the guy's ear flashed, like a ring. Why was that so familiar?
      Why can't I think? My mind was just a jumble of nonsense. It was a miracle that my own name was able to surface. Then another surfaced, and on an instinct I yelled it, "Ephraim!"
      The figure twitched, but Jasen obviously needed his full attention. What was I supposed to call him? That conjured up a thought from my tumbleweed of thoughts. An angel, that's what he was. Or, that's what I thought he was. It was a dream. But why did it hurt so much? No more time was given to me to contemplate that thought, though. In an instant, Angel had Jasen on the ground. Jasen wriggled to get free, but Angel grabbed his head, and twisted. That noise, that horrible noise, would forever ring through my ears, dream or no dream. Jasen started moving again. How was that possible?! Angel grabbed him by the head again. Instead of twisting it, Angel grabbed a knife from his jean pocket and plunged it into Jasen's chest. Through his heart, if he even had one.
      "Stay where you are." Angel said when I tried to move again. "I like that name. Angel, never really thought of myself as one of those. Not the good ones anyway."
      My voice was barely audible, "But, you saved my life."
      He laughed, but it was a sad sound, no humor in it at all. "Close your eyes."
      "I still can't see you?" I asked, my eyes were closed, though.        
      Angel was close to me now. "No, it is for the best if you don't." He was holding me in his arms. That tingling sensation was coming back to me. Nowhere specific, just healing me entirely. I felt better physically, but emotionally, I broke down. I had been secretly proud that no tears had been shed while fighting Jasen, but they just flowed freely now. Angel held me, smoothing my hair, and murmuring comforting things.
      I soon stopped, but was only faintly aware of what was happening. There was something soft around my shoulders, like a blanket, but so much softer. I thought about it idly, then realized it was Angel's wings. I felt myself being put down on a bed. "Who are you?" I asked.
      There was a sigh. "You can't know."
      "In time, you will do one of two things. One- you will figure it out yourself, or two- I will tell you. As of right now, neither one applies. I'm sorry." There was a soft brush against my cheek, and I realized he kissed me.


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